Beach Walk 718 – Flat Stanley Goes to Hawaii

Shane’s Uncle Bob is an educator in Nebraska and he connected us with three second-grade classrooms at Linden Elementary School. Flat Stanley is a well-established school project that helps the children around the world learn about literacy and other places and connect with people far beyond their local neighborhoods. These Flat Stanley’s traveled all around the island of Oʻahu and are going home with aloha shirts, leis, and surfboards, thanks to help from our friends Kaile, Stacey, and Eric.

Hawaiian Word:
Keiki: child, children

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  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Flat Buddy Friendly, digs Flat Stanley, a lot!

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Howdy from Texas to the Linden second graders! You are awesome artists. Great job!!! Your Flat Stanleys are having a really fun trip, too :)

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    …and Happy Birthday, Shane :)

  4. What a delight! I loved taking the tour with Stanley and friends, and enjoyed seeing you and Shane in such playful mode. Adorable!

    Birthday hugs to Shane…XX Shaina

  5. …way fun video! Flat Stanley is a great idea.

  6. LOVED this episode and a big HELLO to all the Flat Stanley’s from Rotterdam in The Netherlands!

    Hugs from,
    Brit & Armand

  7. Most excellent adventure for the second grade Keiki at Linden Elementary in Fremont, NE! Aloha from Nebraska and Happy Birthday nephew!!

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Uncle Bob

  8. What a fun project! Thanks for putting out an information-packed video – even with the “proper” pronounciation of Hawaii. :-)

    Hope to see more from you soon.

  9. FYI for other Beach Walks viewers: UB is my Uncle Bob, my Dad’s youngest brother. He has been a wonderful and enthusiastic Beach Walks supporter and both Rox and I very much appreciate his consistently positive energy and support.

    He sent me an email earlier today and told me the kids were actually dancing in the classrooms to JRoQ’s music we selected for this episode. We thought her song, “World Traveler” was a perfect fit. :-)

    UB is Principal of Linden Elementary and this episode is now embedded on the Fremont NE Public School’s web site home page:

    Aloha Nui UB and to all the Keiki at Linden!

  10. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    I agree, JRoQ’s music really enhanced the coolness factor and energy of this piece. Now we’ll have a new generation of JRoQ-ers grooving to the beat across the Heartland!!

  11. Having actually seen the flat Stanley project before, it’s a delight t see that some Stanleys have made it to Hawai’i!

    Beachwalks should start a flat-conch project! Viewers could sign the back and it could go all around the world!

  12. @byteful – Great idea. Perhaps we could instead find a plastic conch and send it off and people could take pics and video of where the conch travels to and post it on The Reef?

  13. Just an FYI: The Stanleys made it back to Nebraska in great shape! They thank you for the time they got to spend in paradise!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Rox!

  14. @Shane You just took my idea and injected it with 100cc’s of awesome. Get to it! :)

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  16. Emily Ridder says

    Thank you so much for taking Flat Stanley on an awesome adventure in paradise! Flat Stanley arrived safely all decked out in hawaiian gear! Jonathan thought the surf board was awesome! Thank you!!!! My students really enjoyed this video and loved dancin’ to the cool music! I appreciate your time and creativity to showcase your beautiful island! This is one project my students will never forget!
    Emily Ridder
    Second Grade Teacher
    Linden Elementary
    Fremont Public Schools
    Fremont, Ne