Beach Walk 717 – Are Your Responsible for Your Subconscious?

I did a show on the latent racist tendencies many of us have a few weeks ago, Beach Walk 707, talking about how deeply racism (and other “-isms”) reside within our subconscious. Exploring a little further, if we resist the notion and feel guilty or go into denial, then it lingers. Maybe not feeling so burdened or responsible for things before our time can free us to notice when we are acting under the influence, and choose to act differently now.

Hawaiian Word:
ʻIkeʻole; unaware

Be in Touch!


  1. How appropriate for me that Rox speaks of the unconscious mind. In my recent therapy work I have discovered what Rox speaks about in this podcast. Once I can “touch” my feelings – my subconscious thoughts – I am enable to accept what they are – not acceptance that I agree or disagree with my feelings – but acceptance that I have these feelings or subconscious thoughts. Only then can I free myself and move forward to create change. So I may not be aware of how these subconscious thoughts are developed but I am responsible to bring these feelings to my consciousness, to unleash their power.

  2. I think most subconscious thoughts are cleansed with time…and that’s a good thing…if some of mine became reality I would be going straight to hell

  3. @David – you articulated an important piece of the situation – accepting them without the judgment first; the assessment of whether to “buy into” the feelings or not can come later.

    @Bob – They may for you however I think actually that lots of subconscious feelings and belief systems get passed down from one generation to the next without examination. Let’s call today “Be Like Bob” day and wash away in the surf those out-dated or “held over for no good reason” beliefs! And no, you don’t actually have to get on a surfboard to do that. 🙂

  4. Amen Rox

  5. I have also been reading some about this very thing lately and what I’ve been trying to do is become aware of these thoughts that bubble up from the subconscious. By observing it rather than just immediately letting it drive my conscious, I am able to see the insanity of some of it and over time I think that just the observation of it causes a self-correcting action.

    I am a native of East Texas and I assure you that driving out the programming that comes with that territory is a long running process. I recently visited there and had an extremely difficult time dealing with the bigotry that is part of every day life there. It has always been there and it is a little worse now I believe. But I think that my repulsion rather than acceptance or indifference to it is a good indicator of my own progression.

    I think that these are timely topics! Thanks again Rox.