Beach Walk 712 – Happy Birthday Dad

I hope you’ll celebrate my Dad’s 85th birthday with us today. He truly merits the medal for survivor, in so many ways. I never knew what an optimist he was the past few years. As he now deals with five (yes 5) different kinds of cancer, that optimism really plays an apparent role. Let’s give a round of applause for Bill Benton and his many contributions to the “Beach Walks philosophy.” You can also watch an interview I did with him last spring in Episode 606.

Hawaiian Word:
Hauʻoli lā hānau: Happy Birthday

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  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Another candle on your cake,
    do not pout,
    just be glad
    you can still blow them out.

    Happy Birthday Bill, and may you have many more to come.

  2. Hauʻoli lā hānau Mr. B!

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Aloha Bill — you are a DELIGHT and it is a wonderful treat whenever Rox shares you with us. Your positive energy, that circulates around 70 countries through this Beach Walks portal, is a celebration for us all! God bless you and keep you close always. Happy Birthday!!

    Love, Susan and my dog Lexie

  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Benton,
    And thank you so much for reminding us of the good things this life has to offer and for a moment a reminder of our fathers and the great things they taught us. It is amazing how a few negative things can over come many good ones. Then someone like yourself comes along and reminds us to look up, because that’s where it all is.
    Thank you and Aloha,

  5. I told your daughter after episode 606 that you are truly an inspiration and role model and I may add a marvel…Happy Birthday and God Bless from Bob and Sue Schroeder

  6. Mr. B!

    A little wine on one’s birthday is perfectly acceptable as a means of coping with aging…how you define “little” is up to you!

    Hauʻoli lā hānau!!!

    @Rox: What a treat to see the photos of your dad through time. He’s an absolute marvel and a treasure for all of us. Thanks for sharing him.

  7. Just wanted to comment to add my wishes for a very happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Mr. Benton! I enjoyed that very much. That is exactly the message that I needed to hear today — and every day.

  9. Happy Birthday… I’ve never met you but I feel I know you. Inspirations, you are certainly one. You’ve lived so close to me and yet we’ve never met. I’ll be leaving Michigan for the Big Island of Hawaii to find the rest of my life on November 12th. I’m sure Rox will keep you posted. Again, Hauoli La Hanau from Tommy Sea.

  10. Celeste from Tennessee says

    Mr. Benton,
    Thank you for sharing your priceless insight on living. I’m writing it down in my journal scrapbook so I will remember your kind, encouraging, and wise words each morning when I get up. May God bless you with many more wonderful birthdays!