Beach Walk 711 – Where are my keys?

It’s all so common – we get stuck someplace (like actress Dana Delaney did) and think we are trapped or dependent on someone else to open the way for us. When in fact, we hold the keys, and they are merely in our thoughts, not so much an external reality. Please welcome Tommy Sea as he leaps across 5000 miles to build a new home here in Hawaii – literally and figuratively. His known world is about to change.

Hawaiian Word:
Kī: latch or music
haʻiloaʻa: key to a problem

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  1. welcome back….no offense to Detroit Michigan but I would find the move to Hawaii invigorating and exciting with that added vision of what it would be like living on an island…good for Tommy Sea…who was that cute little scene grabber?

  2. @Bob – Tommy Sea has worked for a number of years on this project. I as actually thrilled to meet a very smart, hip community of people in Detroit, but of course, each of us feels home in different places.

    Scene stealer was our friend Kaile. Her parents were off in a canoe race so we had the lucky chance of hanging out with her!

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    The example with Dana Delaney brings up the point that some people are naturally wound tighter than others. I think that is one reason she was cast so perfectly in the movie, “Housesitter.” There may be tricks or avoidance techniques to squash pre-programmed reactions, but maybe a conscious decision must be made to ultimately steer a different course.
    Rox, the ending of this episode showing Kai run ahead must always be heartwarming to witness since you’ve seen her since birth. She is as cute as ever and the glimpse of Lexi interacting with her shows the comfort level they share.

  4. @Susan – i love that insight of yours. We get so easily attached to making things good or bad when really I think everything has a silver lining, every tragedy has a lesson or some place where it applies or whatever. Thanks for the reminder!

    As for Kaile, she is a true gem in our lives. It’s so nice that she is able to manage herself and tag along with us.

  5. I was looking at your video, and was struck by how it resonated with a video we just posted. It’s about Maurice Benard, a soap opera star who has bipolar disorder. But the story is really about his wife Paula, who literally went way beyond what most people could imagine, as Maurice terrified and threatened her during one of his episodes. Paula was tested well beyond what she thought were her limits, but she was able stand by her husband, with love, courage and loyalty.

  6. Mahalo for being there. It brightens up my day to know that I do have some really nice friends waiting for me in Hawaii. Its beginning to get a little scary because its such a big undertaking for me and the biggest dream in my life is about to become reality.
    I left Hawaii in Jan 07 saying goodbye to you and Shane and now its time to return… You’ve been an inspiration and a bright spot each day since.

    Now the work begins… Only Those Who Dare… Truly Live.

    Aloha Nui Loa ! A Hui Hou.

  7. Quick story on if it’s a bad thing.Rancher had a prize horse he had paid a fortune for, horse broke the gate and ran away. His neighbor came by and side I heard about your horse, what a terrible thing. Rancher said I don’t know that it’s a bad thing. Next day the horse came back with a herd of beautiful wild horses following. His only son was helping to break the horses, was thrown and broke his leg badly. Neighbor come by and said I heard about your son that’s awful. Rancher said I don’t know that it’s a bad thing. The next week war broke out and they came through the community taking all young men to fight. Rancher’s son couldn’t go because of his leg. Have faith and remember, without the bad we wouldn’t recognize the good.

  8. @Glynda I’ve always been a person who believes you have to go through mistakes and pain to learn how to live. I’ll be building this house all by myself, no hiring out contractors. Just me and my two dogs. I’ve offered friends a life time place to stay on Hawaiian vacations… for a couple weeks of help in the next six months. We’ll see how many take me up on my offer. I know I’ll need help at certain times during the process, but I’ll find a way to make it happen. I’m going to try to stream the building process and definitely take pics along the way. When I get the details I’ll post them on reef.

    I’ve adopted a little motto for myself.

    Only Those Dare Truly Live… In Hawaii!!!

    @Bob The reason I’m leaving is because I can’t handle Detroit (I’m in the Suburbs)any longer. I want “Peace” and where I’m going I do believe I will find it. I’ll be as close to the end of the world as I can be out there.