Beach Walk 709 – Happy Birthday Lexi!

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Our wonderfully thoughtful and generous Beach Walk friend and Guardian Angel on The Reef, Susan, created this Happy Birthday video for our Lexi. Lexi is 8 years old today and continues to be one of the bright lights of our lives. She is also single-handedly responsible for getting us away from our computers and to the B E A C H most days. We have to spell it or else she goes into a circling tizzy when she hears the word spoken.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank You with Much Love) Susan, who also has a dog names Lexie (spelled differently) for your loving support, kindness, and thoughtfulness over the years.

We love you and consider ourselves blessed to have you in our life.

Hawaiian Word:
Hauʻoli lā hānau: _Happy Birthday_

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  1. Happy Birthday Lexi! and many thanks to Susan and her Lexie for a fun video to celebrate the special day.

  2. that was really cool……..just like the coolest dog on the islands………very well done Susan …and Lexi you haven’t aged a bit

  3. Randy Church says

    That was so cool! Really enjoyed it. Nice Job Susan and Happy Woofs to Lexi.

  4. Awesome Birthday wishes; love the video! Go Lexie, go! 🙂

  5. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Thanks everyone. This was a labor of love, but makes me have added appreciation for all the work and dedication Rox and Shane have freely given us with the other 708 Beach Walk episodes. Much mahalo R&S and Happy Birthday, sweet Lexi!!

  6. this so made me cry…

  7. Susan rocks our world on a daily basis – that she did this was over the top! Lexi is one bundle of love that is easy come and easy go in the most wonderful of ways.

    Mahalo to all of you who replenish her love pockets and enable her to spread it around the world day after day.

    As I said on Twitter the other day, “even cat lovers love her!”

  8. If she only knew what she has done for so many each day. I don’t suppose it would really make that much difference as she does it just for the love of life.
    See, there she goes again, another aha moment on how to live your life. We could all take a chapter from her book of life and do much better.