Beach Walk 708 – Losing is for Losers

So I am catching up on Survivor again. It is quite dramatic how losing a challenge becomes so self-defeating, and in itself seems to trigger a cascade of downward performance. I have been wondering what comes first in this chicken or egg scenario – losing or the loser’s mentality? If you really want to play the game, then recognize that it is a game and winning or losing don’t matter. If you think of yourself as a competent gamer though, you build your psyche and that builds your body and your creativity and your connectivity. When we adopt the loser state of mind, the ability to compete collapses. Today’s title is a little strident – but it just seemed to fit.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻolilo: to lose

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    It is interesting to note on shows such as Survivor that people become very upset when they deem others don’t play fair or lie, while calling it terrific game plan on their own part. Blinders can become a tripping point for us all in life, while we wonder in hindsight what went wrong. It’s something to think about. Thanks for another inspiring day at the beach!

  2. those of us who have competed in “team” sports have an attribute that sticks with you for life..that being competitiveness…so I find it difficult to understand anyone who is unsuccessful at something just taking the easy road and giving up…losing should be your clue to becoming more aggressive at successfully completing the task…if I may I would like to congratulate you and Shane for what appeared to be a highly successful Podcamp…the live streaming was almost as fun as what surfing appears to be

  3. I always enjoy watching your show and have been doing so for about a year. One questions I have is what kind of camera do you use for your show?

  4. @Susan – you have nailed another example of the “two way street” dilemma – things have such different energy on them depending on if we are coming or going. Of course, also well known as the classic “double standard.” To me, this simple (tho not easy) task of leveling double standards is more than enough of a goal for one’s lifetime! To be rid of them would be truly an enlightened state of consciousness, do you agree?

    @Bob I am curious about what happens in the psyche – clearly being one down inspires some to work twice as hard whereas being one down causes others to just give up. Any ideas???

    @Scott – we are currently using the Sony HDR SR7. Hard to find that model (it is old) and Shane tells me that line is now up to the SR10 and SR12. It is a hard disk camera, and it took a while to get the file import process worked out. It is not a “stupid simple” as importing digital tape to the computer.

  5. P.S.! Bob and Susan thanks so much for joining the live stream from Podcamp Hawaii! We were a bit under-staffed so I regret that we did not have more interaction between the speakers on stage and the members in the chat room. I’ve added that to my list for “do it better next time” and really am glad we could be together in virtual space!


  6. Different view, nice change. Got my one ticket, November 12th is the day. Life will change in 2 weeks. Camping Hawaiian Style. Losing is not an option.

  7. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Image by Whimsy City Productions

    Image by Whimsy City Productions

    This poem talks about losers and winners. It rings true and makes sense for us all.

  8. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

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    Go to the reef to see them