Beach Walk 698 – Circle of Pressure, Opportunity

I was thinking about the old Sufi tale about the man and his son, and their changing fortunes/misfortunes, as seen across the span of time. Right now with Podcamp, we have a sponsor Road Runner, who offered us 300 30-second TV spots. Wow, that is an incredible opportunity. Of course, it is also pressure. We’ve never made a TV commercial before, and had to do this in the span of about 2 weeks. We assembled the “actors” via a Twitter call instead of a casting call, (as described by my friend and participant Neenz)and filmed on location in the Hawaii Convention Center. Shane did his magic on the graphics, and though homemade to be sure, we love it and hope it helps us spread the word about this free event to learn about new media and the social web.

All this led up to my next level of understanding about “flow.” It is not so much about smooth, which is my first thought, but about movement. Staying in motion without getting stuck on any particular detail or challenge. Water, the original flow, is regularly both calm and turbulent now isn’t it?

Hawaiian Word:
Au: movement

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  1. Thanks, Rox, I appreciate your offering this morning, with all that is rocking and rolling in the world. Along with the excellent “good fortune/bad fortune” tale, I find it very helpful to evoke the first lesson from the Course In Miracles:

    “I do not know what this, or anything means…”.

    This reminder is very inner peace-inducing, for me, especially as I am prone (or my #2 is prone) to make up all kinds of stories that turn out to be nonsense.



  2. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Water, one form of flow, can also be steam, liquid, or solid, while being hot, luke whatever, and cold. I wonder what the original flow really was, energy or light?

    On the tao, go with the flow.

  3. @Shaina – looks like time to update your persona! Thank you for the quote – really, there is so much of this type of wisdom around; the people running the tv and radio networks would do well by and for all of us to have some balance and leadership in their reporting. Between the economy and the election, some of the behavior to me, is almost treasonous – people work so hard for one small self-serving piece, to the detriment and confusion of others. Which affects most of us on some level

    @Buddy – good question. Energy even more powerful than water, and when it’s stuck, no fun. Go with the flow, and please wear a seatbelt!

  4. Hey Rox;

    Thanks r.e. the update on my whereabouts 🙂 As regards the flow, I find it helpful to remember that, for me, there are choices to be made about which flow I go with…I find that my experience of what is happening is greatly influenced by which information trails I choose to follow and engage with and which I choose to disregard in favor of the kind of wisdom and insight that are supportive for me.

    For me, the choice to disregard is one of those things I can exercise powerfully at a time when so much is out of my control. So I am interested in building muscle that helps me keep flowing with what makes sense to me, and helps keep me peaceful inwardly as things are rocking and rolling.