Beach Walk 696 – For the love of paddling

Join me as I chat with a friend of mine and Lanikai Canoe Club keiki coach Ricky Bermudez.

The kids are 8 to 10 years old, and though the official season is over, Ricky still meets with them once a week on Sundays so they can continue paddling. That is truly the Aloha spirit in action.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoe: paddle
Keiki: child, children

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  1. The thing I admire most about Hawaiian canoe racing is its inclusiveness. The first race at every regatta must include a “special” paddler. That is a person with a handicap.
    Other races include canoes filled with paddlers all over age sixty.
    One woman in my crew was 74. And we often won!
    Which other sport has that kind of aloha?
    Thanks for the keiki-canoe BeachWalk. It made my day nicer.

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    What a wonderful experience for children to partake in this healthy form of exercise midst invigorating surroundings!

  3. Bob from Canada says

    its great seeing those kids motivating themselves to such a traditional Hawaiian sport as canoeing on a weekend morning…..makes me wonder if you will be partaking in the annual Molokai race this year…and I know you have heard this before but the sound of the surf rolling in in the piece is intoxicating

  4. I just love it when these unplanned and hobbled together episodes are so warmly received!

    As for moi, the women’s Molokai race was 2 weeks ago and I was in Detroit. 🙁 There is always next year though!

  5. Bob’s problem solved!

    Each image can be rated (and should be rated) by its owner as G, PG, R, or X, just like the movies in the US. Sites can then control how sexy they want their peeps to be or not. We as the site owner control what “grade” of images we want. I guess since you did not manually choose “G-rating” the system marked you as “X-rated” to be on the safe side. 🙂 And here at Beach WAlks we do not display X-rated gravatars!

  6. Thanks for the post. I “hold” boats during the regatta season and outrigger racing is one of the great things about Hawaii.

  7. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Guess we’re the ones that know Bob from Canada is X-tra special!

  8. Ohhhhh Susan…thanks….maybe its my x-rated face……lol

  9. @Keahi – Big mahalo to you! The boat holders are our friends at Regatta. 🙂 They give us such good physical energy and in many cases just the perfect amount of encouragement too!

  10. Hi Rox,

    Sorry i missed you this year. Forgot to bring my drivers lic over so i couldn’t rent a car and get over to your side of the island. I guess i could have paddled over but that might have taken some time. I got to hang with some of the girls on the Puakea Koa team this year. Three of them are from California. I even raced with them at world sprints this year. Anyways loved this show.