Beach Walk 695 – Paying for the Sins of Each Other

I got a bit distracted today but I was wanting to make a point about how we are interconnected – and that is from the “good news bad news” department.

Some things others do we are stuck cleaning up. It’s not right but is, is. I find the faster I can process my anger, the faster I can get to “OK now what can be done about it?” Living on an island there are all kinds of examples of where we overlap with each other and are subject to side effects of each other. Just as in the movie I saw last weekend, Flash of Genius. The Ford of today is a very different company, culture-wise, than 30 years ago, nonetheless the current management is responsible for running the show.

Here is the link to the original Coffee Club chat with retired auto executives and here is my live-streaming (rough) interview from a few weeks ago.

Here is the serenity prayer which continues to amaze me for its simplicity and accuracy.

Hawaiian Word:
Moku: island

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  1. …I heard a guy on the radio say one of the great things about Capitalism is that when things go wrong, mistakes are corrected, and then things swing upwards (improve) again (which feels encouraging). I’m hoping that is factual and just virtual valium…

  2. **CORRECTION** “I’m hoping that is factual and just NOT virtual valium…

  3. @Jonnie – I hope so too. All problems seem bigger when we first encounter them; time truly does bring both insight and healing – if also too much repetition in my opinion.

    I have been doing a lot of ranting to move the anger I feel out of me and I realize I have made mistakes that have impacted others too – though certainly not on this scale. I wonder if any of these “titans” who told us they knew what they were doing will be having any personal awakenings? To the best of my knowledge, Michael Milken did, so I am hoping this gets to “lessons learned” department asap.

  4. Thank you for the therapy.