Beach Walk 693 – Get Your Gravatar

A while back we added a “plug-in” to this site, that shows the photo or avatar for each commenter, if you have created an account for yourself at

That way any blog that uses this plug-in can display your personal graphic, instead of showing the default pic chosen by the site owner. Your account is attached to your email address, which is always required when you want to leave a comment on a blog. Learn all about how to do it in this episode. I want to see your faces people!

Hawaiian Word:
Kiʻi: picture

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Always love learning something new, especially first thing in the morning! Thanks, Rox. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

  2. signed up………… what?

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    @Bob – When I signed up, the picture delayed loading. I assume you loaded a pic on the site already? I’m checking in again about 3 hours later and notice my pic is now up and truckin’… 🙂

  4. @Bob – the key to Gravatar is email address. Did you use the same email address there as you use when filling out a comment on Beach Walks? Once that is “in sync” your gravatar should appear. (Assuming you went ahead and added your image at 🙂

    Lexie – I love having your watchful eyes on the pages!

    You’ll notice this is “backwards-compatible” meaning that all your previous comments automatically update with your gravatar image.

  5. I first signed up for gravatar about a month ago, and I really like the dash of personality it adds to blogs that are gravatar-aware, which is quite a bit of blogs. The theme I use at, called K2, has gravatar support built in, and I highly recommend other bloggers install the Gravatar plugin on their blog for the sense of personality it imbues.

    Another plugin I highly recommend is CommentLuv. It really fosters community because at the bottom of each comment made it makes a note of the latest content from the commenter. So for me, at the end of my comment it would say:

    (byteful traveller’s latest post “What an Early Fiery Sunrise Taught Me About Color”)

    With a link to my latest article. This works for anyone who comments and enters in the url of their blog. It’s a free plugin and and I highly recommend everyone check it out:

    Thanks for educating the community about this, Rox!

  6. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    I look better as a shell, but thanks anyway.


  7. @Bob from Canada – I am not sure what the issue is with your gravatar; pleas call me and we will walk thru it together. You have my number.

  8. Rox I believe i downloaded the Gravatar properly but somehow I have deleted the Gravatar icon on all new episodes……….all I’m getting now is the comment number…no little picture or area to place my Gravatar to

  9. @Bob from Canada – something sounds backwards here. When you set up your account at, you create an account that is based on your email, then you upload a picture. At that point you are done! All you have do on various blogs is enter that same exact email address when making a comment, and your picture will show up automatically. Assuming that blog uses the gravatar plug-in.

    Wanna try again?

  10. ok……… goes

  11. nope nothing….i’ll send you a note on your e-mail