Beach Walk 692 – Master Cleanse, Master Change

Have you heard of the Master Cleanse, sometimes called the Lemon Cleanse?

I did a while back for 10 days, and shared a few insights about it in today’s episode. For me, it was not about the specifics of the program as much as it was about taking a dramatic step to wrestle free from some hard to change habits I no longer wanted.

Hawaiian Word:
Hoʻopau: to stop, cease

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  1. I have so much good to say about your website that I wouldn’t know where to begin!!

    I hope you can see what I am involved with and maybe can help change some peoples lives with what I promote!

    Warmest regards,

    Lynda Whitaker

  2. I completely understand why you would keep it private as you were doing the cleanse. I did the cleanse last August, and I’m very glad I did. Did you happen to come across my blog series that I wrote about it?

    Sounds like we both came aware with more awareness on how food at attitude effects our bodies.

    Cheers to your new grounding!

  3. I have been looking at a cleanse as well Rox, and appreciate your thoughts about publicizing it / keep it private. Cheers from Western Canada!

  4. so Rox………….how much weight did you lose?………Hmmmm?

  5. @Bob from Canada – I lost 10 pounds. Pretty much the same exact pounds I gained since I got so involved in Beach Walks! So far, I have stayed in the positive groove and have not gained any back. My “addiction” (and truly it was I think) to chocolate has not returned, though I am definitely noticing the urge when I am tired to go have more coffee (instead I nap) or when I am stressed, to go eat (instead I have a tall glass of water.)

    It truly is combination of breaking the pattern, then really letting consciousness weigh in. I can feel how easy it is to revert to old patterns – as they are still running in my body somewhat. So far, mind is winning!

    @Lynda – thanks for stopping by and so glad you like the site. Your videos are somewhat commercial and I cannot tell from a quick glance if this is a fad diet or not. But that is the beauty of the internet – everyone can decide what works for herself/himself!

    @Byteful – wow, psychic friends network! I only managed one or two posts over at my personal blog – you know me, too bizzy to do all the things I want. I enjoyed reading your reports as they had a nice balance of straightforward information and your personal experiences without the hype.

    @Arjun SIngh – I do recommend reading Byteful’s posts for more information on the process.