Beach Walk 690 – Rama Warrior Meditation Chair

Beach Walks has a new advertiser, Zen by Design.

Today’s episode takes place seated on one of their lovely meditation chairs, which we took out to a rocky point on the edge of the bay. Most people know I am due for some quiet time, and this chair is supporting me in doing that. The company was gracious enough to send us a free chair to sample. And for you they have a special offer too. If you purchase a Rama Warrior Meditation Chair, you receive a Free Zendi Portable Meditation Cushion. Sounds like a perfect plan for you serious meditators who travel to and from various classes, or maybe you want to gift a friend with one and keep the other for yourself. I can envision these in a corner of an office – it’s like having a meditation room, in a very spare uncrowded sense.

I’d like to know what you think of this, and please do send in your photos (or post them in the Reef) if you end up making a purchase! It goes without saying for our eclectic Beach Walks audience that you can pray or work on your laptop as well as officially meditate in the chair! You get to decide how it works for you. Lexi was doing her own sitting meditation quietly today; I suspect she may want to try out the chair too!

Hawaiian Word:
Noho mālie: sit quietly

Beach Walk 690 Rama Mediation Chair

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  1. Katie McManners says

    What a great product! I like that it supports the lower back and is balanced so it won’t tip. Thanks for bringing it to us. And now for a frivolous comment–you have very pretty feet. My feet are size 10, narrow, with long toes. They are a part of my body I often need to consciously accept rather than to hide. They work so hard for me!

  2. Cool chair – I have to say I love how easily you move, and have great posture (I think that might reflect from inside, eh?).

    Sorry about your Dad – proof life keeps throwing challenges your way no matter how much you’ve already accomplished or how old you are. I’m sneaking in some positive energy for him here! :)

    Oceans of Aloha to All!

  3. @Jonnie – thanks for your comment, your ongoing support is so appreciated Jonnie. I am actually in the car on my way to radiation treatment with my Dad, and we are talking about mental and spiritual prep for this. The chair is really comfy, and I was honestly a little surprised at the balance of it. Wasn’t sure I could really do a back bend! But it feels rock solid.

  4. @Rox – we (modern science/medicine) have got to figure out this cancer thing. It’s just our own cells going haywire; very frustrating (to me).

    I listen to Los Angeles news radio driving to work and I keep hearing about Proton therapy.

    I have no idea what your Dad’s situation is, and I by no means mean to pry and invade this very private situation – just thought the therapy sounded kinda less destructive than other types of radiation.

    It’s at the Loma Linda center – looks like you take Hwy 10 East out of Los Angels towards Palm Springs.

  5. I’m ordering a chair for Sue today………….its exactly what she needs…….thank you…….very well produced episode….also,our thoughts and prayers are with your Dad,be strong

  6. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, Bob. Her Dad, Bill, is amazing and has become a great source of inspiration for me since meeting him several years ago.

    And congrats on your order! Please do send us a pic when it arrives and we’ll post in a future episode!

    As you can probably tell having met me, I’m not really a “meditation guy.” But I LOVE this chair! I used to design and build furniture for a living (one of many previous careers) and so know a bit about furniture design and construction.

    What I like about this chair, besides being very well constructed and beautiful, is that it is very “Zen” itself. It is no more and no less than it needs to be. It does what it was designed to do in a quiet and beautifully elegant way.

  7. i want this chair.

  8. I would have commented on this sooner, but some of the episodes in the 690s didn’t get properly delivered to iTunes for some reason.

    I’m sorry to hear about your Dad, reminds me of the time he was on the show, the energy he brought was amazing. I have a feel that, when he passes, it will be very dignified and peaceful.

    As I mentioned on twitter, the chair commercial at the end of some of the beachwalks is the only ad I’ve ever actually enjoyed on a podcast. Plus, it’s such a good fit for the BW brand.

    Chair looks quite solid, too. I dub it, the BeachSitting Chair!


  9. Thanks for all your comments on the chair! I love what Shane did for the ad and I do think it blends well with our show. And surprise! I have been using it too. :-)

    @Byteful – sorry about the iTunes- we reposted those so you can manually download the file if you like keeping an archive.


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