Beach Walk 689 – Making Money?

I read a study showing that people who were paid to do a task over time lost interest in the task.

It’s easy to generalize about money from that, but also in play is the idea of external motivation vs. internal motivation. Some people love money and are highly motivated to get more of it. (You can find them on Wall Street, LOL.) Others, not so much. What about you, do you like money?

Hawaiian Word:
Kālā: money

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Money has a way of entangling people and subtly changing who they become at the core. Many lose something in the process when money becomes front and center. Anyone who has experienced lax customer service skills can attest to the difference of someone who’s there to earn a paycheck vs. having passion and finding value in a job well done.
    Thanks for sharing a variety of your many thoughtful insights today. It’s another beautiful day on the beach, too 🙂

  2. Hi Roxy!

    I enjoy your videos, it’s a great concept. Talking thing outs and walking on the beach. You’re brilliant! And I used to have a black lab too, so I especially love seeing your sweet dog. 🙂

  3. Celeste from Tennessee says

    I confess I pray to win the jackpot lottery. I know people say we should never pray for something like that but I don’t see why not. We pray about everything else. Maybe they’re afraid I’ll actually win. I would definitely have to do a lot of praying if I did win.

  4. @Susan and my dog Lexi – i agree with your observation about the job love. In at last some cases, many jobs have become de-valued simply because they don’t pay a high wage, and that seems to have caused some people to devalue that work in other ways too – not very useful IMO.

    @Verysupercool Sue – welcome and thank you for leaving a comment. Black Labs I agree, are “no ka oi” = the best in Hawaiian!

    @Celeste from Tennessee – I got a giggle out of your very honest post. Maybe all those who are in want of prayers will pray that you win the lottery so you can help return the favor!

    Please read the comments in the video itself – Paul clarified my inaccurate Bible quoting.

  5. If you check, the quote from the bible it is “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil” Money itself is not the problem, unless you don’t have enough. It is to me the obsession with it. Having money can buy you wonderful things, like, time, freedom and choices. On doing something you love for money, there is a great part in Hope Floats,when he says “You take something you love to do and twist it and turn it every way to make money from it until you don’t even recognize it anymore. I personally keep the things I love fun and free from that stress and use the things that I have talent and interest in to make money.
    Nice to be back and talk to you again. Glad you waited for me.

  6. Hi Glynda! Yes, “Piddler” left a comment in the video correcting my faulty Bible quote…

    I am really trying to tease apart in my personal life exactly what it is that takes “something you love” and turns it sour when it becomes more vocation than avocation. I think it is not the money per se, but more likely all the things we attach to it and to the notion of “work” which is another emotionally-laden topic.

    To be continued…