Beach Walk 688 – Things We Don’t Understand

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This past year the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has been very active. Periodically we have “vog” – a combination of volcanic ash and fog. The skies are gray, and the air quality is “suspect.” I recently read a -state- federal health official stating: “We really don’t know what the health effects might be”: I really admired Rich Nickle for speaking the truth in that way. We are all so smart these days, and quick to blame or feel entitled, when really, there is far more unknown than known. And after today’s stock market experience, it seems as relevant as ever to “cultivate comfort with uncertainty” while paying attention to your own specific requirements. Some people (children and the elderly in particular) tend to be more sensitive to the vog. Your mileage may vary. The truly brave can check out this very vintage “Beach Walk #66”:

Hawaiian Word:
Maopopo: _understand_

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  1. its better to say you are not sure of something than to offer opinions or editorials of non fact….they learned their lesson in preparing for hurricanes about being safe than sorry and making assumptions of what may happen

  2. Celeste from Tennessee says

    I so much enjoyed the vintage Beach Walk #66! Thank you!
    Like you said, Rox, there is a great deal of information “out there” now and so many so-called experts on everything that I really don’t know what I can believe because there are contradictions about everything it seems and it’s easy nowadays for anyone to put anything out there if they know how to techwise. So, it’s very easy to get confused or get misled if you don’t have a good inner compass. This I do know – I’m thankful for this refreshing website and Beach Walks. Wish I found it earlier.

  3. i rather have honesty over just some random thought that may or may not be true.

  4. @Bob from Canada – yes, the negative incentive can be just as motivating.

    @Celeste from Tennessee I was talking with a friend yesterday about this episode, and we agreed this also points to people taking more personal responsibility for “things.” Yes, we rely on health officials to be the first to know, however I also think it helps to rely on ourselves. Each person is uniquely different, and some of us are more sensitive to certain things. I think it’s helpful to pay attention to that and provide self-care when appropriate, regardless of “group mind” or stats based on averages.

    @iSandra – I love honesty of this variety!

  5. Rox, I gotta say, it’s always refreshing watching your podcast. I want to see Hawaii and Europe next year. Beachwalks tempts me to go to Hawaii first!

    Regarding your point, I think that some will look back upon this “information age” in history and see that it was perhaps one of the most egocentric times in human history as well. Everyone seems to think they have the answers. It takes a real wise man to admit that some things are unknown to him.

    Would be nice to find such a wise man when I visit Hawaii.