Beach Walk 684 – Sorting Out Travel Energy

Seems the more I travel the easier it is for me to get cranky. Today, a RT fare from HNL to DTW to HNL cost $700 but a one-way fare cost $1100! That is not about fuel prices…

Anyway, I am learning to just pull my aura in and focus on myself, in the midst of the madding crowds (and unruly dogs!) And curiously, after an hour or so, people are not bothering me. It’s this concept of “hui hui” or blending together without actually having to interact. We get trapped into thinking other people have to change for us to be happy or content, but really, sometimes all that’s necessary is to just let it be and focus inward. Have you found this works for you?

Hawaiian Word:
Hui hui: blending, coming together

Be in Touch!


  1. Hey Rox, my first instinct when you first started this episode was to say – hey, why not try to spread positive energy when you get on a plane. But, then, I thought of my last few flights. And I have also felt a compulsion to pull myself inwards in. Didn’t use to be like that, I used to love talking to my seatmates on planes, or at least try to start a conversation. Maybe, I will try that again, not sure. Great food for thought and reflection – thanks!