Beach Walk 682 – Go With The Flow

As you know I have these dialogs in my head. Sometimes when I am stressed a voice says “just go with the flow.” But another voice says, “No! That is too passive!” Today I actually figured out the confusion in this and am happy to share it with you, in case it helps.

Hawaiian Word:
Holo: to flow, as in water
Hoʻokele: navigate

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  1. How timely–do you have a Web cam on my life? Going with the flow is not a passive giving in to life but rather navigating through life…. using my energy to work with the current of life! Training new muscles, perhaps, or awakening those that haven’t been used in a while because I’ve been fighting the current. Thanks!

  2. @Katie – this kind of synchronicity is the backbone of beach walks. It is general enough to fit very personally into many people’s lives. :-)

  3. Sounds like the Tai Chi posture “step back and repulse monkey” to me.

    It’s a more earthy way of describing that situation. Withdraw, but not retreat. Step back, but not onto the back foot. Allow space for the other to move, but do not disengage entirely. Use less energy, but maintain awareness.

    Tai Chi in general promotes physical navigation of the sort you describe, and spills over into mental habits. Which is entirely the point for me.

  4. @Matt – great analogy; thank you. I did Tai Chi long time ago as a college student at UC Berkeley. I imagine myself returning to it again sometime.