Beach Walk 681 – The Energy of Tasks

Like many people, I set out an agenda for the day with a list of action items. Some items seem to take forever to get done though, and I have come to realize that not all tasks are created equal! They each actually require a certain level of attention and energy, and a select few really require a lot of focus and privacy, several hours free of any distractions. And many days I just don’t have that large of a block of time.

Hawaiian Word:
nānā: to pay attention

Be in Touch!


  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    What a great opening with Lexi! Plus a perfectly glorious day at the beach with Rox to start out the workday…mahalo for giving us such a positive, invigorating tone today.

  2. Equal schmequal! Thanks again for another insightful walk. No more “shame on me” for “procrastinating” but rather nānā. I shall meditate on this more as I paint the trim in my hearth room (why, oh why, did builders put a fireplace in a home in Arkansas, where summer averages 90+ degrees and winter rarely dips below freezing?).