Beach Walk 680 – Balance is Not Always Better

Balance is one of those concepts that it is easy to be lulled into assuming is always preferable. But in reality, balance has a time and place, as does its opposite! For me, being able to know when balance is preferable or not, helps me manage my energy and my goals too. Today’s show was inspired by a Twitter comment from Francis Shepard.

Hawaiian Word:
hoʰokaulike: to balance evenly

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  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    the availability of different episodes (separate installments) of Beachwalks for the enjoyment of your viewers on a daily basis.

    Never run out of something different to post every day on Beachwalks. In one way or another-create either a new episode, or post an old rerun, so something ‘different’ appears daily or the show will somehow suffer, cause suffering to it’s audience, and thus audience numbers will suffer. In the media business it is about balancing and building your momentum.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I enjoy seeing Beachwalks 5 times a week. (I could easily see it everyday.) I’ve gotten use to Beachwalks, BUT I would like to see a different episode everyday. When the same installment is there for several days in a row I feel let down, like I’m missing something. Do others? Does that problem get in the way of your progress? Does it cause some people not to return?

    Out of sight is out of mind, especially on the Internet. When you are busy or traveling or don’t feel like doing anything or whatever, how much effort does it take to post an old episode (you have 680 of them)? Very little. When you are shooting one episode, how much effort would it take to shoot several at a time? Very little. I believe it is important not to lose your momentum because a show dynamic is out of balance. It can cause audience numbers to come and go, instead of having a steady build, where consistency and continuity flourish. That is one way a brand get established and embedded.

    Something different every day (whether it be new or old) is better than the same thing that has not changed for days. This serves your core regular audience best. New people don’t know the difference, and new people come and go daily, but your core audience stays and comes back for more, and spreads the word to others. This is a principle for creating momentum and audience and reach for a show such as yours. It is a dangerous thing not to do, or not to keep in balance.


  2. Hi Buddy,

    Thanks for your thought and your wishes. In theory Shane and I agree with you completely. In practice, we sometimes miss the mark. Beach Walks is a labor of love and the magic is that we do make it look so easy! In fact, even to post a rerun, takes at least an hour and requires us to load an archive drive. If we are traveling, we don’t have access to those archives.

    We are trying to film a few extra shows now, though that too means having topics ready and taking extra time each day – and sometimes we just don’t have it!

    Running our own company and juggling the many responsibilities we have often leaves us exhausted at the end of the day. We do encourage our viewers to scroll down the page and choose something from the extensive archives on a day we do not have something fresh. Maybe I should do a show on that?

    You are a great collaborator and we appreciate all of your comments and attention. Keep them coming and know that you are in luck! We are looking good for the next week or so. 🙂

  3. just wanted to say thanks for this … i’m a single mother presently working two (ok, one and a half) jobs while trying to pack my house, plan a move, whose every waking moment is occupied these days. definitely not balanced.
    have you heard the saying, everything in moderation … including moderation?

  4. @Andrea – that was funny! Thanks for bringing your sense of humor to the conversation.