Beach Walk 671 – Fit Buddies

I have mentioned Twitter before – there are these odd little quirks that occur because of it. One of them is that I get little sparkles of energy when I see my friends returning from exercise. It somehow inspires me. So today is big shout out to:
Ian Kitajima
Neenze Faleafine

The site mentioned: One Hundred Pushups

Hawaiian word:
Makamaka: buddy

Be in Touch!


  1. Hi Rox…thanks for the dedication! I wish I was swimming in the ocean. I swim at the YWCA on Richards St in downtown Honolulu. Thanks again. Ok, time to hit the pool! Catch you on Twitter!

  2. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says:

    You have to give energy to get energy. Cause & effect.

    Makamaka ‘Friendly’ Wachenheimer

  3. Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas! I was absolutely delighted to ‘stumble’ upon your Website. I love your energy, the brief meditations you provide through your vlog or whatever the tech word is, and your pup! I do plan to walk with you on a regular basis. Random question….where can I purchase outfits like you wear? Blessings,

  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says:

    …ah, pushups. Once upon a time during the karate years, I would be reprimanded if my thumbs ever touched the ground while doing pushups on knuckles– on a concrete floor. Maybe it’s time to revisit and strive for the 100 mark, but on a kinder, gentler surface 🙂

  5. @Ian – Actually that is a beautiful pool!

    @Buddy – just keeping it in the flow!

    @Katie – welcome to beach walks. My outfits? Check out MadGringo for sarongs; ther est are just a hodge podge from my closet.

    @Susan and my dog Lexie – Who knew!! Please join us on the pushup challenge – you are at the head of the class.