Beach Walk 671 – Fit Buddies

I have mentioned Twitter before – there are these odd little quirks that occur because of it. One of them is that I get little sparkles of energy when I see my friends returning from exercise. It somehow inspires me. So today is big shout out to:
Ian Kitajima
Neenze Faleafine

The site mentioned: One Hundred Pushups

Hawaiian word:
Makamaka: buddy

Be in Touch!


  1. Hi Rox…thanks for the dedication! I wish I was swimming in the ocean. I swim at the YWCA on Richards St in downtown Honolulu. Thanks again. Ok, time to hit the pool! Catch you on Twitter!

  2. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    You have to give energy to get energy. Cause & effect.

    Makamaka ‘Friendly’ Wachenheimer

  3. Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas! I was absolutely delighted to ‘stumble’ upon your Website. I love your energy, the brief meditations you provide through your vlog or whatever the tech word is, and your pup! I do plan to walk with you on a regular basis. Random question….where can I purchase outfits like you wear? Blessings,

  4. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    …ah, pushups. Once upon a time during the karate years, I would be reprimanded if my thumbs ever touched the ground while doing pushups on knuckles– on a concrete floor. Maybe it’s time to revisit and strive for the 100 mark, but on a kinder, gentler surface 🙂

  5. @Ian – Actually that is a beautiful pool!

    @Buddy – just keeping it in the flow!

    @Katie – welcome to beach walks. My outfits? Check out MadGringo for sarongs; ther est are just a hodge podge from my closet.

    @Susan and my dog Lexie – Who knew!! Please join us on the pushup challenge – you are at the head of the class.