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Beach Walk 678R – Use Data to Build Confidence

Please enjoy this summer replay!

Some people are confident naturally; here are some tips for the rest of us. My friend Chris Brogan recently recorded a podcast about it. (Link removed as the file is no longer available.) Today’s episode of Beach Walks (filmed on an amazing day!!) came from my decisions to “swim first” and do the show second. One of the ways I’ve learned to build confidence is to be able to resist my feelings, and use data to inform my decisions and actions. That pesky #2 personality is frequently there to play the emotion card, which can keep us thinking and feeling “one down.”

Hawaiian Word:
Paulele: confidence

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Beach Walk 677 – An Investment in Friendship

We are still traveling hence the light shows this week. We filmed this last week so we would all have an extra dose of beautiful Hawaii! It’s about a different way of looking at love, using friendship rather than romance as the guide. Ever notice how we treat friends better than lovers, once the relationship has been around for a while? I think we sometimes expect too much of a partner, as if somehow love means losing me in favor of your wishes. This episode was inspired by something my mom told me – and her birthday is this weekend by the way. We’ll be honoring her 84 years of determination and self-reliance, generosity and indeed good friendship.

Hawaiian Word:
Pilialoha: friendship

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Beach Walk 676 – What’s the Opportunity?

We had a last minute change of plans recently. At first I found it very disorienting. Then Shane helped me by asking, “What’s the opportunity here?” And that single question opened up a whole new way of looking at things. We don’t always know best ahead of time; sometimes “even better” shows up unannounced.

Hawaiian Word:
Manawa kūpono: opportunity

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Beach Walks Going to New Media Expo in Vegas!

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We are going to speak at the New Media Expo in Vegas, chosen as one of 50 out over 900! 🙂

Here is a little introductory video we made to introduce ourselves, and wanted to share with you, our regular viewers. The exhibit hall is free, so if you are nearby, please stop in for some aloha, live and in person! Follow us on Twitter (Shane and Rox) to see where we are or look for us at the Viddler / TubeMogul.

Thu, August 14, 2008, 08:00 PM EDT
I’ll be doing a “free call-in interview with the Entrepreneur Club on Thursday:
Or by phone: Dial: (724) 444-7444; Enter: 30914 # (Call ID); Enter: 1 # or your PIN

We will also be live on uStream Friday morning with Sunny Gault of L. A. New Media. Come join us!

Go here if you want to see some of the other video peeps who are attending.

Hawaiian word:
Kaʻahele: travel

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Beach Walk 675 – When I Grow Up

Being a grown up is a state of mind not a profession or a physical criteria for me. It is an internal experience more than an external reality. I’ll know I am really grown up when I can act independently of “group mind” following my own bliss and dancing to my own drummer! Viddler is having a challenge on this topic this month, so here’s my entry. Please leave your comments in the video, on the site, or visit viddler to vote for us.

Hawaiian word:
Hoʻopiha: to grow full

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