Beach Walk 669 – Bikini Madness!

Seems every year or so I get in the mood for a bikini show. You realize here in Hawaii they are common – on all ages and all sizes. But reading about this research in Belgium and by Carnegie Mellon, I realize they are a hot topic for the study of neuroeconomics. Bottom line: men get stupid in front of bikini-wearing women, and spend more money on things they don’t necessarily want. One way to break that is to desensitize, to present bikinis in normal context (not the usual seductive poses.) Helen Mirren is a role model for many and at 62 still wears a bikini.

And to the women who won’t wear one? Other side of same coin! Who cares how you look? Swimming and sunning with a bare tummy sure feels awful nice. 20 years ago, when I arguably had a much “better” body, I would not have filmed this. Today, who cares?

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Loli: change

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  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Hubba hubba ding ding,
    Rox you look damn good in that Bikini thing.

    You should wear one everyday, it’s good for viewer ship numbers.

    BTW, you two should pitch beachwear sponsors for your program, you’re a good role model yourself who can inspire and influence a baby boomer generation with a lot of buying power. Do free clothes work? Does a vast wardrobe work? (Does the money work.)

  2. Carnegie Mello could have saved their investment for this study by checking with the south Lake Tahoe casinos where during the 1970’s they had topless female Blackjack card dealers. The players lost as usual (maybe more), but their did seem to be more smiles at the table!
    Isn’t it all relative? Not so long ago when only exposed ankles were acceptable, a glimpse of calf was considered erotic.
    Speaking as a male I do not feel comfortable (as many others in Hawaii) seeing any woman on the beach in thong bikini.
    Perhaps the imagination is an important part of carnal fantasy.

  3. Gee Rox
    I didn’t know you were 55, I always assumed you were late thirties. That should make your day.


  4. Right on, Rox! Women would do well to adopt the same mindset as men who wear Speedos!!!

  5. Ooops..forgot to subscribe for followup emails…

  6. Rox! You look MAAAAHvelous! If I looked like you, I’d wear a bikini everywhere. :)

  7. i wear bikinis too! unless i am doing water excerise then i wear a one piece! lol
    i have extra baggage, tatoos and scars…but i do not care.
    btw….you look FAB and yes, men do get STUPID…

  8. @Buddy – Wear a bikini every day? Wouldn’t that be pandering? he he. A clothing sponsor would be nice. I think we have an appealing lifestyle. Maui Jim said no, though I wear their sunglasses every day already. You keep thinking! Maybe one of your clients will grok our magic one of these days.

    @Dan – well, I hadn’t thought about the fantasy part – don’t want to take anyone’s fun!

    @Paul – “this should make your day” well duh! Yes it does and Mahalo nui to you for that.

    @Luci OK _ do I have to do an episode on speedos???

    @Joscie – Thank you – but maybe not “everywhere” – I get cold easily, ya know?

    @iSandra – you’re a member of the bikini clan – e komo mai.

  9. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    RE SPONSORS: You have to go to the mountain, they usually do not come to you. It’s a benefit pitch, what’s in it for them, and why, then how, and how much.

  10. Katherine says

    ok, so maybe my next suit will be a two piece….haven’t bought a new suit since I moved to Hawaii..
    but I’ll always wear boardshorts with it no matter what cause I can’t bare to bare my legs in public.
    we short women… well don’t know what happens,but all my weight has migrated down…

  11. Well, the best swimwear is obviously a no-piece, and until that’s not noteworthy we are still in the dark ages.