Beach Walk 667 – Give and Take

I am embarking on a plan to get more balance in my giving and taking.

I’ve tried this before, and I keep ending up on the over-giving side of things in many areas of my life. I am realizing I have some judgment hurdles to dismantle if I am going to be successful at this. But just like exercise, it’s important to work the neglected muscles, not just the favorite ones. Of give and take, which action seems easier to you?

Hawaiian word:
Hāʻawi: give
Lawe: take

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  1. well you sure walk the talk…you talk today about giving and taking advise and you did both by following your last episodes suggestion on taking vacations….albeit a mini one…it looks like the water has receded somewhat as you can walk around that lonesome palm…secrete cameraman will like that as he walks backwards

  2. As regards both giving and receiving, it’s been helpful for me to clarify that there are things I may offer that are not really useful to someone else, despite my sincere good intentions in the giving. And things others may offer me that are not a good fit, for whatever reason.

    I am currently unloading, on the material level, a lot of stuff that was given to me which I felt obliged to keep without ever examining if these things had relevance, if I loved them or wanted them. For me, it has been extremely liberating to clarify that I can graciously receive a well-intentioned offering in the moment, while retaining my internal valuing system and releasing anything offered that is not, in truth, a gift.

    This has also helped me be clearer and less attached when I think I’m offering something really fantastic that is not received as such 🙂

    I hope you enjoy coming to more consciousness in this area, Rox…it’s an ongoing opportunity for me.

  3. @Bob from Canada – the nice thing about our wonderful viewers is that they 1) accept us and don’t expect or demand things from us and 2) they know how to find and connect with us other places on the web – like The Reef and Twitter-Rox and Twitter-Shane!

    @Shaina – I am glad to hear you are enjoying that process. When I moved to Hawaii I brought a bicylce, a computer, and some clothes. I left behind a few boxes of photos and business papers and winter clothes. It was so liberating!

    Your point about the little gifts is one that I have fallen back into though. Maybe time for some house-cleaning and move a few tings back into circulation. Do you know about Freecycle?