Beach Walk 664 – Covered Wagons 2.0

Dealing with technology some days is just like people who explored the west centuries ago.

You start off on a path that looks good, then encounter an obstacle. Sometimes you can get around it, sometimes you have to go back and start a new path. We’ve been dealing with that on Beach Walks eh? New software, breaks old paths. Some people have old version, some have new version. Not all upgrades are “backwards compatible.” Sometimes files have to be re-encoded. Mahalo nui for being side by side adventurers with us!

Hawaiian word:
ʻImi loa: explore

Be in Touch!


  1. Hello Rox,
    At work I still am getting a nice white rectangle instead of the video player showing up. Needless to say, no video plays.

    What I’ve been doing is going over on and watching it there.

    One thing Shane might consider is using javascript to check the version of the flash player on the user’s PC and then picking which video player to use based on that information.

  2. I downloaded “silverlight” when I was going to try to watch the Merrie Monarch on 4 from out there because their web site video would not play on the viewer I had.

    I can see the new webcast just fine–wide screen and all. (On a HP labtop yet! running XP ! BUT it’s a LIVEstrong model! at least a little credit for that, maybe? ) 🙂

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    My main computer repeatedly froze about 1 minute into it, but tried BW later in the day and it worked.

    As far as content, really enjoyed today’s positive energy shared on “Prairie Walks with Rox” 🙂

  4. I can play all the videos totally fine. No problems ever. FYI