Beach Walk 663 – Kuleana Counts

One of my favorite Hawaiian words is kuleana.

I love the sound of it and I love the meaning of it. It basically means to take care of your “business.” It seems so instinctual to blame others for our problems, but really, there is little hope in that! Much easier to pick up the pieces and to change ourselves than to wait around for others to make us happy. That’s not to say you can’t hold others accountable; indeed that’s appropriate. I am talking about the knee-jerk blame response – let’s unplug from that old one.

Hawaiian word:
Kuleana: responsibility, business

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  1. thank you…….thank you for this subject…Sue has a habit of blaming me for everything when in reality I’m responsible for most everything…it is good habit to think first before assuming its the other person…great advise…by the way Lexie is some cool looking surfer dog with that hip new collar…have to run…Sue lost my keys

  2. Aloha Guys –
    The quality scared me when starting to watch from iTunes but then I switched to Viddler and it was fine. I like their interface. I’m betting it saves you a lot of time and disk space to do it that way so I’m on board. How about a foo-fee HD version like once a month that is mainly scenery/music?


  3. My major campaign this year is getting more balance in my life. When I started to feel the pressure of too much work and not enough play, my knee-jerk response was to “blame” my clients, instead of accepting kuleana for the situation.

    Since I’ve done that and clearly set some radical (for me) boundaries around work…like only checking email 2x a day and never before 11:00 am, and verbalizing that I can no longer be the rescuer my client’s have become accustomed to…things are really looking grand!!!!

  4. Yesterday’s and today’s podcasts will not load to my iPod. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  5. UPDATE: I am so sorry – there are recurring problems with the iTunes version. We will fix that. Thank you for telling us about it. Seems when we get a software update to one of our tools, something else goes out of whack. We keep jumping between iTunes, QTPro, Visual Hub, and Final Cut Pro and will get through this irritation as soon as we can.

    BTW – are YOU running the newest version of iTunes? Shane tells me this weeks episodes are on his iPod and iPhone and are running fine. He has the most recent version. 🙂

    It REALLY HELPS us when you tell us your computer type, your software that is acting badly, and the version of it you are running, and the episodes that are funky or fabulous.

  6. Patricia Anne says

    Kuleana…I will remember that word. I have been feeling very sorry for myself lately as a lot of negative energy has been invading my attempt at staying positive. I was blaming everyone but ME. I realize that inviting the wrong people into my space is my “kuleana” not theirs. I see that asking questions of people when I don’t really want the answers, attempting to make other people feel things I feel, and putting the blame on those around me for how I’m feeling internally has NOTHING to do with anyone but ME. I live alone so if the keys are missing, well….I can’t blame anyone else. But if I’m crying myself to sleep because some guy on the Internet is not responding email to email, I have to accept that it’s my issue, not his. Thanks as always, Rox. You make me think.
    patricia anne

  7. Sorry for the problems with the iTunes/iPhone/iPod versions. It was actually an RSS issue with either Feedburner or iTunes. Check the video for more details.

    [viddler id-f7b8ab64]

  8. Operating with HP Pavilion desktop, the thumbnails to the right of main screen are visible but clicking on 662 through 664 results only in white main screen. Clicking on 661 and earlier results in normal broadcast of those files. Having been forced to start using Windows VISTA a few weeks ago, I sure hope we’re not facing a Beachwalks version of VISTA–fixes that didn’t need fixing. Also hoping the kinks get worked out soon. Three missing walks and I’m getting homesick. Thanks for all you do with your great site.

  9. After sending my previous posting, minutes ago, I rebooted and 662 through 664 do now work. After being able to see and hear 664, I can understand what you’re going through. Now I just have to figure out if the noted problem was on my platform, because of Viddler, or because a squirrel sneezed on a cable somewhere between Kalapawai Market and Virginia.

  10. @Carl – Ahh, Vista. I will tell Viddler about that.

    It is a different sort of cat and mouse game now on the internet – the programmers come up with cool new features (like the video comments!) but they are usually not backwards-compatible. People out there nudging us to keep moving forward.