Beach Walk 662 – Lead and Contribute

Lots of self-help books talk about leadership, but rarely do they talk about followers, or co-creators.

There’s honor and value in all of those roles – regardless of the big push to be all you can be, and be more, and get ahead, and take charge, etc. I think you get my drift. Just putting out a little Beach Walks philosophy, looking at the other side of the coin.

Hawaiian word:
Alakaʻi: leader
Hāʻawi: contribute

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  1. Great topic today. I recieve a biweekly “Principal Tip” email from a professional organization for school administrators. Last week someone finally nailed a type of leadership that I have promoted my whole career. It’s called Servant Leadership. It’s what I do, being a servant leader and not a boss. I try to inspire teachers by exhibiting a genuine interest in helping them succeed. They are more willing to buy into a team concept if they see me willing to work along side them in reaching goals we set together for school. I follow these three children’s clubhouse rules: 1. Nobody act big. 2. Nobody act small. 3. Everybody act medium.

    See you Friday in KC at the wedding!


  2. First, I’m super stoked that Viddler’s player is finally making its BeachWalks debut. You’ve instantly made my Monday!

    Great episode too. I think that most communities actually do not have any single-headed leaders but are spurred on by many “energizers” as you’ve pointed out. I’ve never been able to come up with the perfect nomenclature, but these people exist and really create the best communities online and off.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. @Colin and @UB – I’ve installed the Viddler video commenting system on Beach Walks. It rocks!!

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    Huh… the sound’s very low. Weird. Oh well – even if you can’t hear any of it, the BBC radio programme I’m talking about is here:
    In Business – Down With Hierarchy:

  5. Damn. I posted a video comment, but it hasn’t showed up. Is it in moderation?

  6. ah… no – interesting. looks like your video comment broke a tag or something, shane. that last one i sent is appearing to the right of yours instead of below it…

  7. @Rupert
    Your comment was mistaken as spam; we recovered it! Mahalo for geeking out with us. 🙂 This topic is so huge – we could really start a meme on it for days.

    I too am in favor of moving beyond the typical hierarchical structure and figuring out how co-creators can also be more efficient. How to sort the action from the abundant opinions. How to address the issues of the Little Red Hen without becoming bossy or judgmental. Did you grow with that book in the UK?

    Shane also fixed the comment template so things wrap more nicely now.