Beach Walk 661 – Podcamp Hawaii 2008

I am so excited – we can finally announce our very first Podcamp here in Hawaii, coming October 24-25, 2008. Shane and I have been wanting to do this for 3 years. Plus! We are going to have a WordCamp component too – it’s the best of all worlds!

Podcamp = unconference to learn about podcasting and new media and network with other individuals and businesses who are using this tool to communicate.
Wordcamp = unconference to learn about the amazing free blogging (and podcast platform) software, WordPress. We even have the founder, Matt Mullenweg coming to speak.
Unconference = anyone can speak, the emphasis is on peer to peer communication and networking.

Podcamp Hawaii web site, Podcamp Hawaii on Twitter

Hawaiian word:
Ho’omoana: to camp

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  1. well congratulations on your Podcamp at the beautiful Hawaiian Convention Center…you must be so excited…by the way did you pic up the new IPhone?…we will finally be able to purchase them here in Canada…also I still had a problem viewing but it worked perfectly on the IPod link

  2. @Bob – This plays absolutely perfectly for me, Bob. I’d really like to hear from other viewers if they are having problems. Over this week our stats have tanked which leads us to believe others are having problems as well…?

    In terms of the iPhone, we’re in no hurry. Once all the hoopla and lines and activation problems have subsided we’ll go look at upgrading.

    I’ve never really understood the “need” to have something the day it came out or to stand in line just to experience the frustrations of activations and other problems people are experiencing today? A week from now it will still be the same product, the lines will be gone, the activations will be working, and we’ll be able to breeze in and out with ease.

    I predict you will LOVE the iPhone and it will change the way you communicate and use a mobile device.

  3. Aloha, sis and brah! Haven’t seen you guys in forever!

    Podcamp Hawaii 2008, eh? I’m totally gonna have to be there. Time to start looking for bookings.

  4. Yes, pls. We would love some live streams of the PodCamp and WordPress sessions. Thanks Rox and Shane

  5. I’ll be looking forward to the live stream video. I’m so bummed that I wont be there to participate. I’ll be in Hawaii September 25-October 2. Shucks! Just missing it! Congratulations! And I’ll be watching from UT. 🙂

  6. @Bob and @Shane

    It still wasn’t working for me today in Mac OSX using Firefox or Safari. And although my software is set to automatically update, I decided to wander over to Adobe’s download center and double check the latest version.

    Sure enough I was out of date, and it works perfectly now!

    Hope this helps to get your site stats back up where they belong ^_^

    Malama pono…

  7. @LUci – THANK YOU so much for doing this! I kept thinking the Flash version was the problem, but it’s hard to know when people think (as you did) they have the most recent version. Flash: please do a better job of updating yourself!!

    I am going to put a note in the post to help others.

  8. @Rox – My pleasure! I have learned and gained so much from knowing you, Shane, and all the virtual Beach Walkers out there, that it was great to finally repay you a wee bit.

    @ Shane – I, too, never got the mindset that says you have to stand in line at all hours of the day/night just to get the latest gizmo. Shoot, I even waited 2 weeks to finally visit the ABQ Apple Store when it finally got here (although I must admit to chompin’ at the bit there for a while).

  9. @Luci – I’m glad that other people get so excited that they’ll spend hours and/or days standing in line for something. I’m just missing that gene. I’m also missing the gambling gene, watching sports on TV gene, and must-have-children gene.

    A bunch of “normal” things that I just don’t have any desire to do or experience. Took me a while to realize it was OK for me to not care about these things. Is taking me quite a bit longer to learn to not pass judgment on those that do. 😉

  10. @Shane – I’m missing that gene, too…as well as the sports-on-TV gene and must-have-rugrats gene. Didn’t completely dodge the gambling gene, but I’m working on it.

    Think we could be related?!?!?

  11. @Luci – I think we may be. 🙂

    Although my “lack of gambling gene” has never really been put to the test. Next month will mark my virgin trip to Vegas. I’ve been in casinos (boat and Reservations in New Mexico) and find them quite annoying. So I’m not expecting Vegas to be any different.

    Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised??

  12. @Shane – If you thought the NM casinos were quite annoying, you’ll hate Lost Wages!

    The one upside of becoming hearing impaired as I got older is the ability to remove my hearing aids so I could block out all the incredible noise the casino generate. But there’s not much you can do about the press of bodies that will surround you. I’m a pretty friendly gal, but there was literally a sense of my personal space being constantly invaded that I found most unsettling…which is why I no longer go to ANY casinos!

  13. Well, it should be very interesting then, ’cause I’m NOT a fan of crowds or “personal space invaders.” No doubt I’ll be searching for high ground from which to simply watch the ruckus.

  14. Oh, yes…we are definitely kin folk!

    If you’ll have a car, you can always escape and tour Hoover Dam as it’s only about 30 miles outside of LV and it’s fascinating.