Beach Walk 659 – Taking Both Sides

Do you ever give someone a compliment about something newish, and they come back with something like, “Oh, I guess that means you thought the way it used to be sucked.” Or when I did the show on Get a Dog and a few men said, “Whoa, dogs are now better than men?” No dear people! I simply like to enjoy all sides, to appreciate change, without dredging up a comparison factor to the previous iteration. We are also deep into politics season in USA; lots of discussion about moving to or away from the center. Just remember, how you fight can affect things for a long time to come.

Hawaiian word:
ʻO kāua pū: you and I both

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  1. Isn’t it weird how the election is so closely fought when the two parties share so much common ground? I’m always amazed how violently opposed people can be to a candidate who’s almost identical in every way to their opponent. People love to fight, take sides.
    The video’s still very glitchy for me – and it’s not for any of the other videos I’m watching. Glitching in the same places, like a dirty CD. And the image seems a little milky. FWIW.

  2. @Rupert Indeed – some people do love to fight. Makes lot of big fat messes doesn’t it?

    We continue to discuss this problem with Ooyala – thank your reports; hopefully 660 will work smoothly.