Beach Walk 658 – Jewel in the Rough

There were mysterious rainbows coming into my kitchen a while back. I traced it, and it gave me a chance to find a jewel in the rough – literally, in my neighbors yard. She was sending me rainbows and I was sending her stink eye. How often do you think a change in action is preceeded by a shift in consciousness?

Hawaiian word:
ʻōlinolino: radiant, sparkling

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    It is so interesting how one small piece can change one’s perspective completely around. Road rage could even go down dramatically if one thought about inconsiderate drivers instead as their own grandmother out there, oblivious to their surroundings and really needing some girth and protection vs. both sides ending up in a ditch or worse. It’s great to be back out on the beach with you again. Thanks for your continued fresh insights and examples. You rock!

  2. I really love how you can find the silver lining in everything.

  3. Katherine says

    Maybe it’s sort of like the movie ‘journey to the center of the earth’… the old one, where the sun on the summer solstice reflected to the opening in the earth. Maybe the sun was in just the right position to hit that crystal.. maybe for the first and only time into your house.
    Sending you a cosmic message. I would have taken it as a sign of something..
    any kind of a rainbow is a miracle in my world.
    just letting my mind wonder on this one….