Beach Walk 657 – Running Stretches

A new acquaintance of mine on Twitter, Cheryl Smith, is working on a running program and was looking for some Achilles Heel stretches, and I offered to show her some of my favorites on a Beach Walks episode. Thanks to @ChrisBrogan for connecting Cheryl and me.

Knowing me as you do, I thought starting off a Monday with some s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g would be good for most of us! The first two are simple with a bonus yoga stretch at the end. Remember to stretch your upper and lower calves, with a straight leg and a bent leg.

Hawaiian word:
Kīkoʻo: stretch

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  1. Aloha, Roxanne…and welcome home! We’ve really missed you.

    One wee problem w/today’s Beach Walks. Although it says the video is 4:42 long, it doesn’t load so I can play it. I only have a choice of the iPod or phone.


  2. Patricia Anne says

    I’m so glad you’re back. I really missed you, Rox. And stretching. Yippeee. I’ve been taking my walking to a jog lately and have noticed my shoulders are bothering me more than usual. At 54, it seems lots of things are. But I trudge along and am very thankful for your helpful hints.
    I’m stretching every thing I can, lately. Maybe one day I’ll stretch my bank account and head in your direction. Til then, I’ll be watching!!

  3. @Luci – please tell me more! I just was able to play it all the way through. Can you tell me what browser, version, and computer type you are using? We will check into it.

    @Patricia Anne – Great idea on stretching the bank account! We are having a podcamp here in late October – that would be a great time to come and be able to meet many other Hawaii podcasters. Site’s not up yet but you can learn a little here.

  4. hey Rox…mine is all screwed up as well…it pauses stops and there is voice over…also it didn’t complete…this is the first time I’ve had a problem…you look good though…lol…Bob

  5. @Bob from Canada – Uggh. I am very sorry about that for you and @Luci. All I can guess is that your computer needs the newest version of Flash. Shane will look into this later today.

    Here is the link to get the free download in case you want to try that.

  6. @Luci and @Bob – Can you tell me what browser you’re using and if you know if you have the latest version of Flash installed?

    It works fine for me except the sound does these little hiccups every 30 seconds or so.

    We’re using a new hosting service and have for the last 6 episodes so if those play fine for you then I’m somewhat at a loss as to what might be the problem with this episode.

    To anyone having problems, please email us directly at [email protected] and let us know what browser you’re using and if you’ve upgraded your Flash install recently.

    Sorry for the problems. You can also click on the “iPod” link under each episode for a higher quality video that should play right in your browser as well.

  7. For everyone having problems with this or any of the “Ooyala” episodes (the past 6-7 Beach Walks episodes) this is an update to let you know:

    1. I’ve contacted Ooyala to see if they know what the problems is.

    2. You can always Subscribe to Beach Walks and have the episodes automatically delivered to iTunes or the Podcatcher of your choice. This would be our preference and ensures you receive the highest quality file we produce.

    3. You can click on the “iPod” link under each episode and view a larger, higher quality video.

    We recently switched to the Ooyala service, even though it costs us money for each episode that is played on the website, because of the amazing stats they provide. We’re very sorry for the playback problems some of you are experiencing and hope Ooyala can help us figure out the problem ASAP.

  8. I always forget to stretch. I have been running more these days. Doing the SF Marathon Aug 3rd just the first half. We have a local in Big Bear that has made the US Olympics Team this summer in the Marathon his name is Ryan Hall. So everyone here has the running fever. The entire town is behind him. Banners all over that say “Run Ryan Run” So put those running shoes back on Rox and Run.

  9. Roxanne, (How can I say that without hearing the song?)

    Thank you so much for the video. The stretches are great and the added shoulder stretch is just what I needed. I thought my shoulders might be sore because I needed a new sports bra or something. LOL! I never thought about stretching my shoulders.

    It’s been a pleasure meeting you on Twitter. Love what you have happening here and have added you to my feed.

    Who knew one day I’d have a podcast dedicated to me? The joys of social networking. Thank you again!


  10. @Mindy – keep hounding me please!

    @Cheryl – Shaving 6 minutes? Priceless!

  11. I wrote a post on running stretches and the last stretch that I talk about is to help stretch the achilles, which can be a problem if not stretched properly.

  12. Hi Rox, love your website. I am a Personal Trainer that train my clients on the beach and one of my clients have a Achillis Heal problem so I got onto and there was a link to your website. I get tired of my exercises on the beach so I was wondering if you have any ideas for me? Hope to hear from you soon.


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