Beach Walk 656 – Right Brain Bliss

Here’s a great story. A Harvard researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor, had a stroke. It de-commissioned her left brain. As part of her recovery she stayed present in her process and observed life without an active left brain – the home to the logical and the inner critic in many ways. She found her bliss deep inside the exploration of her right brain.

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Hawaiian word:
ʻĀkau: right
Hema: left

Be in Touch!


  1. I saw this woman’s story on Ted Talks a little while back and it is indeed quite moving. Here’s a link to the video of her telling the story:

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    @Cory – many thanks for the link! Jill Bolte Taylor’s talk is gripping and worth watching.

  3. Nice tip about the elastic band – I might try that… even if it sounds a little bit Opus Dei 😉

  4. Ron Krisher says

    You are a lovely woman and your beach is just stunning.
    I would watch you read the phone book.

  5. Yes, it is important to remain in the here and now just as it’s important to have plans for the future. I think the key is maintaining a healthy balance, and for some reason, the current global society is heavily slanted toward detachment from the here and now, instead focusing negative energy toward the future or the past. Perhaps this is only a phase and one day we’ll look back on this foolishness and laugh.

  6. @Cory – Susan said it well. Thank you for posting the link.

    @Rupert – I wish you hadn’t reminded me of that…but yes, it’s a mild reminder of how to break the energy “in a snap!”

    @Ron – phone book. What’s a phone book? (Just kidding – thanks)

    @Koa – I think as you said planning is one thing – but it is actually something we do focused in the present. It is an action taking place here and now. Like you said, that is different than having my mental energy projected forward or backward for “no good reason” other than to worry, fret, criticize, etc.