Beach Walk 655 – Gossip is Losing Power

Last week Barack Obama launched a new web site Fight the Smears to be able to respond to false attacks and politically-motivated slurs. It reminds of which is a non-partisan site run by the Annenberg Foundation. In the old days, someone could start a rumor or make a claim and it was very difficult to combat it. Once it made it onto the airways, where media and communication was in the hands of a very few, one bad story could make or break a person.

Not anymore. Bloggers and journalists alike can put forth their own view of the “facts” and more than ever we can choose whom to believe and support. I like that. If you are interested in new media, please consider coming to the New Media Expo in August. Shane and I will be speaking there and it is the original annual event for professional podcasting.

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Hawaiian word:
Pā wale: vulnerable
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  1. Interesting thoughts – particularly since people in traditional political broadcasting & news media always discuss the web as if it’s the source of scurrilous gossip spread by amateurs without fact-checking or journalistic standards. Always makes me crazy whenever I listen to, read or watch one of those discussions.
    I think you’re right.

    Your flash player is glitching here on Vancouver Island – it skipped parts of words or whole words five or six times. Nothing else that I’m watching is glitching. I checked the iPod version in my browser, and it plays perfectly.
    I usually watch Beachwalks *on* my iPod, so I’m not 100% sure how your usual flv video compares for image quality – but the colors on this one are less rich than on the iPod version. I know that’s what often happens with flv conversions – particularly with Blip, who often produce quite grey conversions – but since you’re asking for feedback, I thought I’d say 🙂

  2. Hi Rupert – I just played it all the way thru and it did not skip for me. Mahalo for reporting this (and doing some trouble-shooting too!!) – I will report it to our provider. I can;t imagine it has anything to do with “Oh Canada” but who knows?

  3. It’s “glitchy” here in the states too. Using Firefox 3.0