Beach Walk 645 – Underwater Myths

I think I may be on one end of this spectrum, but I sometimes experience a little let down when I stick my head in goggles under the water. What we see published in magazines and in underwater films is amazing scenery. In reality, it usually does not look that perfect-pretty. Water absorbs a lot of light, so unless you are diving with a light or at high noon in clear, shallow water, you will not see the same colors with your eyes that a camera with light can. So today we are going underwater on an average day, with no special effects, to give you the expected view, if not the perfected view. I still love it anyway, and I hope it helps set your expectations to a more reasonable comfort zone too.

Hawaiian word:
Kohu ʻoiaʻiʻo: realistic

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says:

    The underwater experience in this episode is divine! We’re set up to not expect colors as bright, but the adventure turns into surprise by the spotting of a beautiful mermaid and then a black giant specimen with foot pads/toes on the end of legs, pumping with comfortable precision. This variety of sightings makes one not want to come up for air again! Stupendous job, SC 🙂

  2. I always enjoy Beachwalks and today’s underwater episode brings back my diving days. I’ve been underwater in Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, other places in Mexico, Cuba, and the Carribean. I loved every minute, no matter what I saw, it was exciting. The only “bad” thing was that a dive never lasted long enough. Thanks for the memories!

  3. iSandra says:

    yep, that is what it looks like!
    dang now i want to go on a dive! ummm think i will post some pics on the reef from egypt now. LOL.
    btw love the mermaid and the merdog! kudos to secret camera merman!

  4. So beautiful. Listen, I was walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago yesterday and bumped into an old colleague. She said she follows my CultureScout blog and that’s where she discovered BWWR. “I’m addicted now. I start my day with Rox.” Another happy convert!

  5. @Susan – you get it; you always get it!

    @Gini – Cuba – I’ve never been diving there, but I would like to visit some day.

    @iSandra – yes please post Egypt pics on The Reef!

    @Patricia – Thank you! That’s a great visual you shared (for my ego he he) really tho – we love sharing the beauty and aloha that is Hawaii.

  6. iSandra says:
  7. I learned to scuba dive in the fresh water lakes of Alberta, Canada where the visibility isn’t usually the best… so I can’t say that I was ever disappointed on a dive in the waters off Maui. And I’ll take real over TV images any day.

  8. …how strange – my iTunes stopped d/l’ing at ep 643.

    Love, love, love the water (too cold here for me though). Lexi’s propulsion system is fun to watch – like it shouldn’t work, but it does…

  9. Thanks for the heads up, Jonnie. We’ve been doing some experiments on the Beach Walks feed and deactivating a plugin caused some problems.

    I’ve put a temp fix on it. Let’s hope iTunes recognizes it and allows downloading of the missing 3 episodes.