Beach Walk 643 – Tired Cranky, Rested Happy

Given that things are never black and white, I still like having little tricks that can help me 80-90% of the time. In today’s case, it is remembering that one of the main causes of crankiness is just plain being tired. In fact, just by remembering that point all by itself, I can relax and not let the little things “get to me” regardless of my sleep deficit. Step 1 = understanding the connection between fatigue and short fuse (get sleep when possible). Step 2 = realizing that the crankiness is not related to my current situation (move back to center as I detach from the distractions).

Hawaiian word:
Māluhiluhi: tired
Maha: rest

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  1. you cranky?…impossible…but you are right about the cause…I have never really analyzed the reasons but exhaustion,sleeplessness fatigue usually add up to crankiness…anyway I’m going to have a nap

  2. Katherine says

    AH…. you wrote this episode just for me ;)
    I am so with you on tired = cranky.
    I think that is one main reason I’ve adjusted better to my move here without ‘episodes’ and upset – because I don’t know when I’ve been more rested. It’s given me strength to work on my adaptation to living here and helped me cope with my missing my family.

  3. I am not sure how I missed replying to your comments Bob and Katherine! In any case, I am checking back in here as this post is increasingly relevant these days. Who gets too much sleep anymore?? :-)