Beach Walk 641 – Wise Words with Cubworld

We all met Cubworld back in Episode 465 and Episode 466, and more recently, heard his amazing song, Wise Words, on Episode 632 – Island Adventure. He is the second person to qualify on Sellaband which is a social network site for emerging musicians. Born in Tonga, Cubworld has resisted his musical urges in favor of fine art for many years, but the song keeps coming back to him, and it’s easy for us to see why. Watch and listen as he talks about being an independent musician and plays for us too.

If you are local, you can go to his concert this Friday night at BYU Auditorium in Laʻie.

Cubworld at Bare Feet Shop – support both Cubworld and Beach Walks
Cubworld on MySpace
Cubworld on Sellaband
Cubworld in iTunes

Hawaiian word:
Naʻauao: wise
ʻŌlelo: word

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    “Wise Words” is one awesome song, Cubworld. I bought it a week or so ago and find myself fast forwarding through my other favorite songs to get to yours! May success follow you once the masses ‘find’ you.

    Thanks for sharing with us on Beachwalks — we are most honored!!

  2. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    As the song says, “If you want to get somewhere, then you got to go’…

    Cubworld is going somewhere cause he got it going on. Nice song man, very nice. Good luck!

    (If I can ever be of SERV-US to you, contact me. I sell things. I make things happen. I’m on the Reef.)

    Your friend and mine, Buddy Friendly

  3. Not only did we get to walk and film Jake at the beach, we had a wonderful dinner that night and talked for a couple more hours about business, music, politics, and the fact that he is also a Fine Artist in addition to a totally self-taught, by-ear musician.

    Oh, and he’s one of the nicest most genuine guys you’ll ever meet.

    I have his album on loop and currently have 42 plays on it in my iTunes and still hear new things on each pass.

    I. Want. More!

  4. @Cubworld – please be in touch with Buddy – this is a priceless offer! (Mahalo to you Buddy)

  5. Wow that was so much fun. When i get to a better computer i’ll embed it which might be next week BUT thank you so much again Shane and Rox for letting me come and hang with you guys. Your Aloha is very much appreciated and felt.

    I’ll for sure be trying to hit up Buddy right after i submit thie comment :). Aloha and thanks everyone for the very kind words. “if you wanna get somewhere then you got to go” for sure “a hui hou” 🙂

  6. Great song: WiseWords! It speaks to me.

    Like Lexi in the background, being herself, looking for food.