Beach Walk 640 – A Question of Companionship

I read what was a tabloid review of comments Oprah allegedly made to Jennifer Aniston. “Get a dog and stop thinking about getting a man.” Well, Lexi and I would like to vouch for the tremendous canine companionship benefits, but even more so, being able to take one’s mind off of a non-problem (“getting a man”) is a quite thing we can all practice!

Hawaiian word:
ʻĪlio: dog

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  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Wait a minute! Hold the presses.

    Get a dog instead of a man???? A dog can be a better companion than a man, can???? Take your mind off getting a man???? This can’t be true, can it???? LOL

    Oh! Oprah said it. Enough said.

    MEN OF THE WORLD, ratings, popularity, and hundreds of millions per year in syndication money aside, Oprah is one of, if not the most dysfunctional woman who has ever lived…… so consider the source. (Jennifer Aniston is on the top ten list.)

    Rox, give us dog substitutes (men) a little slack in our leashes, will ya. After all, how can a man ever possibly be a problem to a woman? LOL

    (Shane, what up with dat? You’re suppose to develop camera problems when something like this happens.)

  2. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Rox + Lex = a complete family for Shane! …so it all works.

    It seems that there are enough pressures in society that people end up succumbing to the strain of needing to find someone – anyone, if desperate enough. They end up in bad relationships and life then becomes even more complicated and stressful. A dog is a companion that is totally devoted and loyal; one that is there, anxious to be accepting, nurturing, and ready to protect and to be with you. If you prefer to not be nurtured, accepted, protected or having a steady companion, then that’s what CATS are for…

  3. all dog owners will vouch for the benefits of dogs.. you lead a more active life assisting in a cardiovascular boost as well as blood pressure and stress reductions and of course helps socially as everyone loves to stop and talk about the dog..most importantly they give you that companionship and total feel of want…no matter how you feel or whats
    going wrong with the day..and yes Rox listening to Shane on how he trained Lexie is like an episode from “the Dog Whisperer” and Cesar Millan

  4. If people would take one trip to the city pound and look at all those soulful eyes of potential best friends nothing else would need be said. They would understand. And I don’t think anyone said get a dog instead of a man. Just get a dog instead of worrying about finding one, and he will come. If it is meant to be. If not, you still have a loved one to come home to and love and be loved by. Also, you have saved a life. Believe me, I think they know it and are sooo grateful. So if you haven’t yet made the day trip to your local animal shelter, please do.

  5. okay…if it was not for my dogs…i would probably be in a looney bin! seriously they are my kinderhundes or keiki Īlios. pets in general are a saving grace!
    shane: dog training…may need you on sofiya keeping you in mind when we finally get to hawaii!

  6. @Buddy Thank you! We finally have some dissent here on Beach Walks!!! Of course your point is well made and I don’t mean to suggest dogs are BETTER than men – no, no, no, not for one second. They are both delish in my book.

    Maybe since you are a man you don’t know exactly how much time the female half of the species spends thinking about, wishing for, (and dare I say it) criticizing men. It’s A LOT. And for many (dysfunctional or not) women, getting a dog and starting there as a place for companionship and learning about the responsibilities of being in a relationship, may just be a decent idea, regardless of the recommended source.

    Anyway, I was just looking for an excuse to talk about Lexi. 🙂

    @Everyone else – yes, we love our dogs. 10-4.

  7. @Buddy – I’ve got enuf camera problems editing the 3-cam shoot we did yesterday. I’m sure not going to go out of my way to make up more problems. 🙂

  8. I as uploading this episode to YouTube this morning (we spread our shows around the internet) and I was thinking: dogs – “man’s” best friend. So to all you guys who may have inadvertently felt slighted in this episode, please remember = your gender too has long recognized the pleasures of canine companionship!