Beach Walk 637 – How to Complain

Complaining is very popular these days. Surprisingly, I am not altogether against it. It has a role to play in giving each other feedback on what’s not working. I think we are more effective though when we apply a little consciousness to the task, instead of unfettered reactions. There are some funny commercials on DirecTV, though the one I just saw complaining about the customers doesn’t appear to be posted just yet. I also blogged about messy customers too; “There is magic and millions in those messes.” Bonus: Sunrise footage.

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Hawaiian word:
Namunamu: complain

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    …I’d like to complain that I can’t find anything to complain about — even with this complaining episode! Well done. The saying “you catch a bear with honey” comes to mind and aligns with your shared idea that showing some compassion goes a long way in any situation. What a positive thought you’ve left us with as most wind down the work week. Mahalo!

  2. A friend I work with offered this phrase up one day when I was going on (complaining) about a process at work: Wear your 2 year hat. Meaning, if I had just started with the company and had been working there for a couple of years, I probably wouldn’t know the surrounding background or history, and would have a completely different opinion. I might even think the process was awesome, or you that it wasn’t a big deal.

    I’m looking forward to an incredibly busy day because at the end of it, I will have a huge sense of accomplishment and can fully relax and enjoy the weekend!

    Aloha Friday

  3. Gary Deckard says

    My family and I are currently putting our new puppy through a 4-H dog obedience class and last night the instructor said something that really struck us. On the subject of dogs misbehaving she said that most of the time it is not the dog which has the issue but it is us who has the issue. Our actions or in-actions are the real cause of our dog behavior problems. WOW, did that make us think in a completely different way about training our little furry tornado! So, our complaint was directed right back us.

  4. @Gary – I agree 100% with your instructor. So many people attribute human feelings to their pets and it really gets in the way of having a healthy relationship with your pet.

    I think because I grew up on the farm with, literally, thousands of animals, I learned some kind of natural way of dealing with them.

    I just learned about Ceasar Milan (The Dog Whisperer) last year and found that a lot of the things he does in working with dogs are the things I was already doing.

    He does work with people much better than I do, tho…. ;-)

    People constantly comment on how well behaved Lexi is and how much she pays attention to us. I tell them is mostly about consistency and establishing myself as her Pack Leader (that’s what Cesar calls it.) And extending to her love, respect, and specific expectations.

  5. @Susan and my dog Lexie – I started to type “you have the life to envy” but I realized, it is that you have “the attitude to envy!” Thank you for your perennial upbeat energy.

    @Jonnie your work sounds like a regular “consciousness playground” = you find grist for every mill and make flour from it.

    @Gary – Great insight – we definitely are “training people” in how to treat us regardless of whether we are aware if it, IMO.

    @Shane – I do attribute some feeling to Lexi; thank goodness! I think she respects you more but maybe just maybe drools over me a tad more. I do spoil her though…

  6. Lexi (and all my previous dogs) certainly have “emotions.” Translated into human emotions she seems to experience what we would label as excitement, disappointment, sadness, wonder, happiness, contentment, etc.

    But she’s a dog. A pack animal. She understands and is comfortable in her place in “our pack.” And to treat her in the same way we would a child, I believe, can cause confusion for her and her place in the pack. That certainly doesn’t mean we don’t show her affection, respect, attention, etc. Just that we realize what is most helpful to her is consistency and maintaining her place in the pack.

  7. Cabrillo beach needs to maintain the beach their was nothing but flies and sea weed this weekend. I mean ALOT of flies nothing to joke about their where alot of kids present and they sure dont forget to charge people to park their but whats going on with our beaches? Lazy ass people need to get off their ass and work do something for the pay check! Too many people now a days just want a free check. Whats going on with our beaches? Do we need to pay for parking and volunteer to clean? Cant believe i saw so many people working doing nothing how about getting off your ass and earning your check guys???