Beach Walk 636 – Turn Off the Pressure

One of my Twitter friends, @Akelatal, pointed me to a funny video the musician John Mayer did – a parody of himself. That led me to discovering that John had planned a tour this summer, expecting to have a new album. Well, no new album, but he is still doing the tour (see May 4th video), and seeing the one door closed is going to explore what might be behind another one.

He didn’t freak out and succumb to the pressure to create for some arbitrary reason. I just love that.

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Hawaiian word:
Hoʻokaomi: pressure

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Ahhh, sunrise at the beach…love it! I suspect if they really DID revive Elvis back to life, no one would expect him to sing all new songs. So the ‘pressure’ to produce new appears more about the almighty dollar than anything else…