Beach Walk 635 – Love Your Feet, Go Barefoot

I read this article called You walk wrong exploring lots of new studies showing how modern shoes (with even a minimally raised heel) are not good for the feet!

So naturally, being a barefoot fan and owning a company with Shane named Bare Feet Studios, I love to be barefooted. So give it a try, though do protect your tender feet from surfaces that may not be as sweet as the white sandy beaches of Hawaiʻi. Enjoy those handsome backward-walking feet courtesy of Secret Cameraman and Lexi’s slow march too!

Barefoot Running Shoe

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Hawaiian word:
Wāwae: foot, leg

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  1. hey – this show makes me wonder which is going to happen 1st. Evolution of the human species to be able to walk backwards or the evolution of the tech world to develop a new method of filming while walking forward ;)

  2. Very interesting topic, Rox…
    Growing up on Maui, I didn’t own my first pair of everyday shoes until high school (I had one pair for special (and rare) occasions) … then it was required to wear shoes to high school; but up until that time, shoes to school were optional.
    Upon arriving home each day, off they came … !
    * * *
    I remember, at Kahului School one afternoon, working my way through the class on the tetherball court as the champion for the afternoon… I was on the sandy court so long, my feet were scorched, and I had blisters for about three says afterward. . . ahhh, those little triumphs of youth; so long ago; yet so well remembered … (grin)

    Until that time … Earl J.

  3. @peter LOL. I suppose it’s possible to sling the cam over my shoulder, walk forward, and learn to watch the viewfinder in reverse… But, the interesting thing is, I can walk backward much more smoothly than forward.

    Try it yourself. Using your video camera held out in front of you, record someone while walking forward and backward. I bet you’ll find you can “float” more easily while walking backward. :-)

  4. Rox,
    I watch the show quite often — sometimes your opinion’s match mine, sometimes not. Still I like to watch and hear about different points-of-view. Also, your show seems to help lessen my not being in Hawai’i, as I’ve moved to Okinawa.

    Today, I’m not sure how to take the whole barefoot show. Used to be I had no problems with my feet. Then I wore a certain pair of ‘less padded’ running shoe. Now it seems that I have troubles on and off again. Most recently within the past month. Now that the weather is getting nice again I will try walking on the beach too… regardless I know that I’ll be visiting the hospital for physical therapy.

    Enjoy the show & keep up the good work.


  5. @Mike – thank you for watching. :-)

    I like presenting alternate points of view. As for myself, I can usually be found straddling both sides of an issue – it seems to be my nature.

    I like being barefoot, though I wear slightly padded think flat slippahs int he hours, as walking on hard surfaces all days bothers my feet.

    I hope you get yours feeling better soon, and keep us posted on what ends up being the solution(s).

  6. Several years ago, to alleviate acute lower back pain, i was actually prescribed to walk barefooted backwards 5 minutes a day to re-align the spine. After a few days pain gone. As i was also doing massive amounts of vitamin c, lying on an inclined board,cold-packs etc. can’t pinpoint it as the cure. But if it is effective, Shane , you probably will never share the malady!

  7. @Dan – I definitely have back pain issues, which I believe originate from working on the farm, starting when I was 11 years old, and routinely carrying more than my body weight on my shoulders (multiple sacks of pig feed) many times a day.

    Here’s how I currently deal with it:

    1) Lomi Lomi massage every 2 weeks like clockwork. We have an amazing person here in Kailua, Gina, who keeps me kink-less.

    2) We sprang for very nice, very comfortable, very supportive Aeron chairs last year and it has helped beyond what I expected it would. When you spend 12-16 hours a day in your office chair, it’s important to have a very good one.

    3) Walking backwards and swimming. I list this last because I do very little of it. But the little bit I do during the week surely helps.

  8. @Shane – A good bed makes a huge difference, too. We bought a second home last year and splurged on a King sized, pillowtop bed. It’s AMAZING. When we have to back to the first house (we’re renovating both), we can really tell the difference between the two beds. And the disliked bed is new also, only 2 yrs old.

    I literally wake up sore and stiff in the unliked bed. A Sealy!

    The preferred bed is a Simmons Beautyrest. KING. The space makes a big difference as well as the comfort of the bed.

    Backwards feet and doggie feet a great touch on this installment!

  9. @Celeste – I totally agree. We have a pretty awesome bed also and it makes a huge difference. The biggest problem is it’s too comfortable and that makes it difficult to actually drag myself out of it in the morning. :-)

  10. Danielle says

    hello rox!

    i love your show! i just started watching, and its so insightful and relaxing! i really enjoy it! It reminds me of the summer and the beauty and serenity of the ocean. Your a great host and keep up the good work!!!

    ps. i agree about the barefoot thing. your feet are so free, thus allowing your mind and body to feel free and at peace as well.

    take care!
    Danielle <3