Beach Walk 634 – Blood or Soul

My friend Neenz (aka @infinitypro) took a new job that meant she left the family business for work in her new profession of choice: geeking out at

She compared the family business to being in her blood, while the tech stuff is in her soul. This started me thinking of a whole little grid:

They often represent opposites, though they certainly don’t have to. Listen up to hear how Neenz’ family is managing her transition.

Visit Neenz on the web and mahalo nui to Ryan Ozawa for his lovely photo of Neenz.

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Hawaiian word:
ʻOhana: family

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  1. I am crying with gratitude for this. ‘Tis true, “know who you are, listen to your soul” you’ll be so much happier – I know I am.

    Mahalo friends.


  2. Hello Rox,
    we live in a binary universe, dont-cha-know …
    near – – – far
    dark – – – light
    hot – – – cold
    off – – – on
    up – – – down
    in – – – out
    top – – – bottom
    alive – – – otherwise
    happy – – – sad
    elated – – – depressed
    overjoyed – – – underwhelmed

    So, it is no surprise that many of our choices in life depend on one of two … some choose to cruise the middle of the road; stay out in the midstream; and not make any waves … they live the life of so-so, not daring much, so as not to lose much in return … while others are riding the bleeding edge; risking significantly to fail miserably or succeed triumphantly; and never missing an opportunity to splash a little water in the face of chance.

    Such is life . . . which brings us to the very essence of all mankind … the three fundamental types of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can’t …

    Until that time … Earl J.

  3. @Earl As a programmer I’d add the following to your list:

    1’s – – – 0’s
    True – – – False
    Yes – – – No
    Null – – – Not Null

    And finally, “There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that understand Binary and those that don’t” 😉

  4. Hello Shane,
    most excellent. . .
    I guess I’m a 0 type… computers are all FM to me … “frickin’ magic” … as one might say in mixed company in Hawaii… (grin)

    Until that time … Earl J.


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