Beach Walk 632 – Island Adventure

Beauty Alert!!!

We had friends visiting and borrowed the Foti family canoe, the Waʻa Lele, and paddled out the Mokulua Islands. The sunshine and the water and the colors are just beautiful! Dan Brown brought his HERO camera rig for the canoe, Mindy Clark of steered us, and friends Jeff and Carlos (you met them in Episode 369 along with Stacey (Episode 296) and Kaile (Episode 572, and I had a great trip. Secret Cameraman and Lexi rounded out the beach crew.

FWIW, Shane (Episode 445 The Secret) spent 10 hours editing this episode. We have fabulous music from Cubworld – who will be on the show in a couple of weeks! Please go buy his music here.

Please welcome and check out our show sponsor, Primo Water. Primo Water is a new, environmentally-friendly water bottled in a natural plastic made from plants, a renewable resource grown on American soil.

Hawaiian word:
Moku: island
Lua: two

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  1. Gary Deckard says

    Well… That certainly beats Lake Erie. Water temp is about 33 degrees today!

  2. how cool…very well done…great camera work…it felt like I was riding with you,sans the work…how long does it take to get to the island?…I luved watching Lexi run out to the canoe…well done everyone,Shane,great job

  3. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    This is SO COOL!!! There has never been better footage/editing on any TV or movie production that matches this feeling like the viewer is there in the boat with everyone and enjoying the entire trip. Shane, you are THE MAN and master of the craft! After seeing the familiar Mokulua Islands from afar on all these BW episodes, now there is the added anticipation to actually paddle to them. Great footage, Rox, turning it back on ‘our’ beach once we have arrived…and then the grand homecoming with Lexi to greet us all. I love how Kai is along for the ride…like a beautiful kitty cat, allowing the others to do the paddling part ๐Ÿ™‚ Absolutely awesome – thanks!!

  4. Eldon Rahmiller says

    The sweat equity is evident in #632! Most of us mainlanders have wondered what the Mokulua islands look like up close.

    Is the bottle for your sponsor Primo Water made from a corn deritive? A number of environmentally friendly “plastic” replacements are.


    Your work is worth it!

    Eldon and Gayle

  5. GREAT work Shane!
    Aloha Friday!

  6. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    What a trip!

    Cubworld rocks strong.

    Love the Primo pitch at the end, that’s what I was suggesting. BTW that’s great water, and greater packaging for water!!!!!!

  7. Wahoooooo….what a ride! Mahalo nui loa to all who brought us this incredible experience and music!!!!

  8. iSandra says

    i so can not wait for my first trip

  9. Much Mahalo everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    As you know, we’ve made the leap to the new camera (a Sony SR7) which means we now film in HD, widescreen, and that we also had to move out of iMovie and go full-on with Final Cut Pro.

    So, over the next few weeks you’re sure to see changes, mistakes, and hopefully lots of new titles and effects as I learn Final Cut and Motion and iron out the workflow.

    @Eldon: Yes, the bottle is made of corn. Dear to my heart as an Iowa farm boy (although this plastic is made in Blair, NE.)

    @Buddy: Cubworld does indeed rock. I bought his MP3 downloads at and love them! Looking forward to meeting him later this month.

  10. @Eldon

    Hi, the bottle-making is a pretty cool process, actually. They take the corn grown in and around Nebraska, separate it into corn oil, protein (for animal feed), and starch. The starch is then converted into sugar, then a monomer, then a polymer, which is then cut into little plastic pellets. Those natural plastic pellets are then made into the bottles for Primo Water.

    All of the other plastic you’re used to comes from oil! (Sad, I know.) So you can still take advantage of the convenience of bottled water but without using a petroleum-based packaging. Currently, it’s available in all of Kroger’s stores and Hannaford Bros. If you’re store doesn’t carry it, ask the manager to stock it. That’s what I did.

    -Matt Snodgrass

    [DISCLOSURE: I work for the PR agency that represents Primo. My family and I are also very environmentally conscious, which is why I’m personally satisfied to have Primo as a client.]

  11. And this page on their website has links to YouTube videos they’ve done that explain the process very well. The second video actually takes place at the plant and walks through the process:

  12. Great episode guys! For a few moments, I forgot that I am wearing a heavy sweater and jeans and praying for some sunshine! I will download some Cub World and remember warmer days-)

  13. Love the last frames of the little girls head/ear. Lovely footage throughout.



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    I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and when I found myself checking for new comments several times today, realized it would be a good time to get the plugin installed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Wow. That’s the thing that I like. I think you had a spcecial experience. I would like to ride canoe and nice island with Beachwalks friends. Good music. Good work. I envy you.

  16. I watched it twice and I was SO there! Love everything about this episode – mahalo!

  17. Wish i was there! Oh, i was, thanks for a great day. What a fun time and now it is forever on the internet so i can visit it when ever i want. Shane that was a great edit job on that movie.

  18. It truly was a fun time with a terrific crew. Thank you Rox for pulling it all together, and thank you Shane for the fine camera work and inspired editing. The final shot of Kaile was wonderful!

  19. Really creative and interesting blog. Thanks for putting your soul into it.

  20. Fantastic footage! Felt like I was there. Loved the music too.

  21. @Everyone! I am so happy you liked this. I have watched it many times – just can’t get enough of Cubworld and that gorgeous canoe out on the water, etc.

    @Keahi – glad to meet you; added your link to our blogroll too (See link to it in the upper right column)

  22. I love it!

    I know Mindy!

    Great episode.

  23. AWESOME VIDEO and if i didnt know the guys singing i’d say great song too ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aloha


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    Beach Walk 632 – Island Adventure…

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