Beach Walk 630 – It Takes One

Relationships can be so illuminating and so misleading.

I often find myself wishing the others would just change, instead of focusing on myself, which is the only change that really matters, the only change where I have any power or influence. Focusing the light on each of us by each of us a great way to start the week I think. It’s a beautiful day and we are joined by my little friend Kaile, who is just learning to explore the power she has as one little person, in a relationship.

Sidebar: We changed our format to wide screen today. Please let me know what you think of it!

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Hawaiian word:
Hoʻokahai: one (person)

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Now Rox, don’t you just know that dogs and children steal the show?! The “I want to go in the water” comment from Kaile cinched it..we are with her on that one!

    One of the qualities that I admire in you is ‘getting’ the notion of living the power of one; not living in reactive mode all the time. Old habits can be hard to break for all of us, but is something to strive after. Once again you have shared an inspiring morsel of insight with us. Mahalo!

  2. Love the new wide screen format! It not only shows the grandeur of the setting, but to my mind it also signifies the tremendous scope of the spirit of Aloha you share with all of us.


  3. that little girl is ADORABLE!

  4. @Susan and My Dog Lexie – I can’t think of more adorable show stealers than Kai and Lexi. 🙂 They can take center stage any day! You nailed it on the energy of “reactive” mode. It is a normal instinct, but once that we can learn to resist, with wonderful rewards.

    @Luci – I like that “wideness of Aloha” you have identified! Mahalo to you too.

    @Joe – Let’s get you booked over here for some photo sessions pretty please??

  5. Tommy C says

    Yes the power of one. I guess I can be another good example of that. I totally agree with you.

  6. What a great episode – and so true! Good topic. Mahalo

    *I’m finding the wide screen format does not hold my attention as well as the other format. The last two episodes I’ve found eyes wondering around the page – this nevers happened before – I am always glued to every episode! I like the other format better :)))

    Me ka pumehana!

  7. SoCalGal says

    First, like the new wide-screen format! Yes, Little Kaile demonstrated that power of one (“I want to go in the water!”). The beach, ocean and sky looked especially beautiful today. Nice camera and post-work again Shane (what kind of cam are you using now?).

  8. @Joe The camera loves her. Would love to see your shots of her. We should set something up with her and her folks since the camera really loves them all.

    @Shawn Nothing wrong with wondering. 🙂

    @SoCalGal We bought a Sony SR7 last December ( ) and are just now getting around to use it. It uses a hard drive instead of DV tapes and produces a much better picture and audio then the HC1 we’ve been using the past couple of years. Because of the video format (ACVHD) it uses we had to switch out of iMovie and into Final Cut Pro and decided to make the leap to widescreen all at the same time.