Beach Walk 629 – Structure or Flow?

Wow what an amazing day, and all because we could not get to the beach this morning!

Continuous business interruptions, and it was nearly 2 pm before we could get out. On the way, I was realized how futile it has been to try to schedule a recurring time when we know we can slip away for an hour a day. I wish my life were more even and predictable aka structured many days. And then I became aware of my other attraction to being in the flow, letting life come to me as is. What a contradiction those two felt like for me today!

It was also fun running into friend and longtime Beach Walks viewer, Dan Brown.

Please welcome and check out our show sponsor, Primo Water. Primo Water is a new, environmentally-friendly water bottled in a natural plastic made from plants, a renewable resource grown on American soil.

Hawaiian word:
Wanana: predict
Hemo: loose

Be in Touch!


  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    Speaking about going with the flow Rox, beach walking in the sun by the water makes one thirsty, no?

    It’s time for a cool bottle of Primo water to quench your thirst. (Hint-hint.)

    Lexie’s toy in one hand and a bottle of Primo (from time to time) in your other hand. A natural gesture. Make sense? Yeah, it makes cents. A lot. ;-)

  2. I just LOVE the sound of the surf! I’m going to watch this one again!

    BTW: The site looks really wonky now in IE6. I’ll bet Shane use FireFox (looks fine in FireFox).

    MAN, I’d like to be on that beach! Thanks for letting us virually go there at least!

  3. @Orville: Thanks for the heads up on IE6. We haven’t changed anything lately, but those pesky Microsoft browsers sure do cause a lot of headaches and problems. We use Safari and Firefox. Both of which are better, safer, and much faster than the IE browsers. And both of which are also available, for FREE, for Windoze (hint hint to all you Windoze users out there):

  4. Hi Rox! Just found your site via Push My Follow, and you are SO going in my RSS feed! I’m all about the flow in paradise – I’m a recent transplant from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street to the Lee Island Coast in Florida. I now telecommute full time, and it does take the discipline of having stuff on the calendar in order to make telecommuting succeed.

    But I’m in paradise, and I wanna play! :D I love to get out and about to do a little beach combing, shelling, attend local events, etc. and mobile blog it all along the way. Anyway, love your show, you’ve got a new subscriber. :D

    Tink *~*~*
    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

    PS – I’m on Firefox and the site looks great *thumbs up*

  5. Hi Rox, watching with my aunt & uncle who spend each winter in Hawaii. My uncle was able to figure out where you were from the shot from the beach :).
    Also- Tink *~*~* is a good friend of mine, fun to see she’s found you, too!

  6. @Tink – welcome! I’d love to hear more about your transitions – it sounds wonderful. Maybe you and Annie will join us over at The Reef where we have some wonderful conversations that seem right in line with each of you.

    @Annie – I hope they’ll be in touch on their next visit to Hawaii!

    @Buddy – great suggestions and we are working to see how this will play out. Great comments already happening on The Reef too. Thanks so much for yours here! Of course wouldn’t you know we finally made the leap to widescreen on #630, so have to get back to the beach to film another clip for Primo.


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