Beach Walk 628R – May Day is Lei Day

I present to you a Beach Walks classic, featured hula dancers and leis at Kapiʻolani Park. Music, dancing, and plenty of Aloha for you.

Maybe this year we will be able to create the world’s largest lei? Mahalo to Neenz for telling me about this! Follow her link to read more about leis and hula. And visit SmallBiz Survival to join Becky McCray and BarbaraKB‘s in using May Day as Talk to Your Neighbor Day.

Update: I fixed BarbaraKB’s spelling.

Hawaiian word:
Lei: garland, wreath

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Happiness is…Beachwalks!

  2. This was fun to watch this early Thursday morning while I was sort of half listening to the local news on the TV and they were featuring a Mariachi band that was performing live.

    I wonder if guys will ever realize what they are saying when they use the disclaimer “It’s not really feminine” to describe, as in this example, the wearing of a flower lei by a male.

  3. iSandra says

    okay i am an blabbering idiot. this so brought tears to my eyes. the more i watch the spirit of aloha the more i want to finally be at home in hawaii.

  4. The children are wonderful. The music is wonderful. I understand why Hawaii is your loved and treasured home. Your videos are excellent!

  5. I LOVE this video! I am going to share it at Go Visit Hawaii asap! Mahalo for taking us to Kapiolani park with you! Happy Lei Day!

  6. @Everyone – Mahalo! I just love waking up and having comments like yours – it means so much to us. And what a wonderful day we had doing this. My goal/dream/intention is to be able to get out from the computer more often and share these precious days in Hawaii.

    @Sheila-GoVisitHawaii and others who cross-post our videos on your sites – you are real ambassadors of Aloha and we appreciate you very much!

    Certainly the world can use more Aloha.

    Love, Rox

  7. Roxanne, love your Lei Day video.

    I had no idea when Becky & I chatted @ Twitter this week, I would learn about a this Hawaiian tradition! And your video here completes my education.


    – BarbaraKB (note correct Twitter name 🙂

  8. @BarbaraKB – mahalo for your great ideas and for stopping by. I fixed your name in the post; sorry about that and thank you for pointing it out to me.

  9. SoCalGal says

    This is one of my favorite Beachwalks episodes.


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