Beach Walk 627 – Making Metaphors & Bread

We seem to be having a combination of vog (volcanic ash and fog) lingering around and it creates a beautiful silvery feeling at the beach.

Meanwhile, Shane took me up on a request and made some homemade bread, that started a little messy but turned out ʻono-licious! Plus you get a peek or two at the teenage girls practicing in the outrigger canoe.

Hawaiian word:
ʻOno: delicious
Palaoa: bread

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  1. Shane …you multi cultured guy you…thanks allot…now I have to make bread for Sue…can’t wait till we visit you again…bread and wine on the beach…Mmmmm

  2. This episode inspired a sister metaphor for me…. my husband makes a similar no knead bread from a recipe that he got from the ny times… the recipe is so incredibly simple a two year old could make it … and the bread… GORGEOUS…DIVINE…DELICIOUS… it tastes as if it were made of pure butter, but in fact it is only flour, water, salt and yeast… my metaphor… often the most meaningful, profound and delicious creations are also the simplest.

  3. @Bob from Canada this bread recipe was pretty simple; I will make sure it gets added to the reef – Surprise Sue if you can!

    @kathryn jones – hi! and I love your metaphor too. thanks for coming by and I am so happy we got to meet IRL last week in NYC.

  4. Darlene from S.C. says

    Rox, I am a writer and have had serious block for about a year now. I came across your beach walks while looking for inspiration and it’s almost devine intervention that I found you. I am still very new to your walks and all that is connected with it and I am enjoying listening to all the past walks…..I need to catch up. Anyway, sand on my feet is the most important thing in my life and my best ideas and thoughts have come from walking by myself on any beach I happen to be visiting. When I am land locked, I can now turn to your walks for center. Keep walking, thank you for sharing your thoughts and sharing Lexi with us as well. Aloha.