Beach Walk 626 – The Innocence of Jeffrey Deskovic

Imagine you were arrested at age 16 for a rape and murder you did not commit.

You were held and questioned without parents or a lawyer. You were eventually convicted (despite contradictory DNA evidence), and served 17 years in jail. Wrongful incarceration for nearly two decades.

The result is Jeffrey Deskovic, and I am amazed at the grace and light that is he. A few months ago I read the amazing true story of Jeffrey Deskovic. He is still a young man who has been through some amazing trials already, and yet has come through them with grace and strength. I invited him to the Podcamp NYC conference to meet other new media creators for interviews, and to learn how to use this technology to further his own message. Our episode barely scratched the surface – I hope you will check out these other links.

Jeffrey’s Web Site – Read articles, sign the petition, and hire Jeff to speak.
Jeffrey’s MySpace Page
Documentally (Christian Payne) Interviews Jeffrey
Jeff’s Case on The Innocence Project
Thanks to Bill Cammack for the Camera Work

Hawaiian word:
Halaʻole: innocent

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    Jeffrey, you ARE a knight in shining armor! When the world kicked you down, you were able to pick yourself up with persistance and integrity, and turn your experience into gold for others. Thank you to Rox for sharing your experience with us on today’s episode.

  2. i like what he said last: get the most out of life- words i live by….

  3. Thank you Jeffrey, Bill, and Rox for bringing Jeffrey’s message to Beach Walks.

    Rox and I were watching Boston Legal list night. James Spader’s character, Alan Shore, had opportunity before the Supreme Court to argue in hopes of keeping a young man, that had potentially be wrongly accused, off death row. In pure Alan Shore style, he “shone a light” on the broken court system and the politics and hypocrisy that now rule the highest court in the land. I almost stood up and cheered, here in our living room, at the end of his argument.

    Thank you, Jeffrey, for all your doing to help others and shining your light on our broken court system.

  4. What an unbelievable person… I wish I had met you at Podcamp, Jeffery, but hopefully our paths will cross again soon! Keep sharing your story– you are making a difference!

  5. Jeffrey:

    I always find BeachWalks to be my daily “get away”. The interview with you today was extra special for me because you really reminded me that everyday that I decide what to do with my day, is a day that I’m free. Stories like this put everything into perspective for me. Thank you for sharing your story!

    I am amped that the use of technology and getting caught up with technology is on your radar. Keep up the great work and you are an inspiration to more people than you know.

  6. unbelievable person

  7. Jeffrey continues his work, and here is an interview in the Examiner I wanted to share.


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