Beach Walk 624 – To You Sweetheart, Aloha

I am actually in New York as I write this, and it gave me so much pleasure to be immersed in some archive files and music I found when putting this episode together.

If you’ve been to Hawaii you’ve likely heard this style of music either on the radio or while sipping mai tai’s at the beach watching the sunset. Or maybe as you view Kanoe Miller dance the hula at the Halekulani Hotel. It conveys so beautifully the feeling of those swaying palm trees; I just love it.

I also want to dedicate this to Tommy Sea, who is finally selling his house in Michigan and will be Hawaii-bound very soon. It’s been a long haul for him, and he certainly understands Aloha. If you liked this, please purchase the song; info immediately below.

Easy and Sophisticated HulasCharles Kaipo & His Happy Hawaiians
“To You Sweetheart Aloha” (mp3)
from “Easy and Sophisticated Hulas”
(Mahalo Records)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
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P.S. I will be at Podcamp NYC this Fri and Sat.

Hawaiian word:
Ipo: sweetheart

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  1. Lovely!

  2. that was really well done…the Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce should take note…theres noting I’ve ever seen better to entice people to the Islands…and the subliminal cuts were perfect…I wish there was some way of me advising the tourist board of this episode

  3. great…you made me cry….

  4. …a lotta familiar and enjoyable tunes on the CD – loved the download at Amazon (higher bit rates and no DRM issues). Mahalo

    My goal this week is to start putting on the brakes before Friday hits (otherwise I slam into the weekend so fast that the weekend is over before I’m recharged).

    What a great start to my pre-weekend prep! ;-)

  5. @Bob : We’ve been thinking and saying this for the last 400 shows. Eventually the Chambers and various Tourism departments will come around. Right now they still seem to think selling shopping and restaurants is the thing that will bring tourists back. It’s not working and so hopefully they’ll be willing to talk to those of us that do know what people really want to see is the REAL Hawaii.

    @Jonnie : I like your idea of “…putting on the breaks…” as I tend to feel the same way come Sunday night. Where did the weekend go and why am I even more tired and stressed than last week??

    It’s always interesting when Rox travels and does the shows from the road. I get to see them for the first time just like everyone else. It’s a very different experience than when I shoot and edit them.

    Being 100% viewer certainly helps me to better understand the effect these few minutes of video can have.

  6. @iSandra : PS. I know what you mean. And I live here!! :)

  7. As soon as I come back to this dimension I will send you a proper thank you. Until then, I remain in Aloha.

  8. This video gave me a little scare. I hadn’t watched Beachwalks in a while and the way it started with the words, the visual of an empty scene where I expect to see Lexi, followed by a slow zoom still of Lexi … I thought it was a memorial for Lexi. What a relief. Where was my head that this episode struck me that way? The things and loved ones we take for granted. I gotta go hug my dog even more. Thanks for the UNintentional wake up call. Geez….

    P.S. I love Roots Reggae, this and traditional Hawaiian music. Wish I was there, but I need to make the most of where I am.

  9. @bridjmon – Now that you say that, I can see where the idea would come from! So sorry to temporarily have you down that path. Lexi is alive and well, and just go an extra hug from me too.

    In truth, I was thinking of Lexi, Shane and all the Beach Walks viewers who are my sweethearts, as I edited this show in New York City!


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