Beach Walk 621 – Lucid Oddballs

I watched a biography of Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol – The Complete Picture), and one of the show guests described him as having a “lucid recognition of his own limitations.”

That phrasing really stuck with me. I have often envisioned a world where we can embrace our shortcomings, our neuroses, and lay them out on the table. They lose some of the detracting power and in group settings, we can support each other and collaborate more effectively. It’s so easy to be blind-sided by those little odd secrets we keep about ourselves. Earlier this week, we talked about accepting situations; today is really about accepting ourselves.

Hawaiian word:
Maopopo: understand

Be in Touch!


  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    My favorite thing about Warhol was his “So what” OR “So” attitude towards whatever circumstance might come his way, or be brought to his attention.

    Regards of whether that circumstance be good, bad, or indifferent, Warhol’s mindset, attitude, and response always started with…”So what,…” or “So,…”

    —Something didn’t work out, “So what, we’ll try again or do something else.”

    —Someone complaining to Andy about being fat, ugly, and alone, “So, do something about it.”

    — Someone just died, “So, is there anyone who has ever lived who doesn’t die? Sad, but, nothing in life is forever. It’s time to move on.”

    That’s a powerful mindset and approach,

  2. These added insights Buddy are great to know. He is my role model of the week, and thank you for bringing more of his energy to us.

  3. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    When you REALLY think about this principle Rox, you realize that these two Warhol responses, “So what…” OR “So…” followed by a brief practical explanation that makes sense, can address almost any predicament of the human condition as well, if not better than any other approach. What an amazingly simple and powerful solution to countless problems; an approach that will make Warhol famous for 16 minutes in the future.

    Suggestion- think about using this principle Rox, use it as part of your modus operandi and see what happens. See where it takes you on your journey along the beaches of life.

  4. This is the first time I’ve seen your videos-how charming! I’m sitting on the 31floor in Bklyn Hts not far from where you are speaking at Podcamp 08 🙂 how interesting is that!


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