Beach Walk 617 – What U Think

It has been a while since we have connected with the local music scene.

As the rains continued, we got a chance to visit Dr. Trey’s recording studio and meet a new, WuT. I think you will find his story interesting (some things similar and some different compared to other up and coming artists). Today’s episode is an interview. We’ll have his music on the next episode. For now, I nominate WuT as one as the kindest, gentlest hip hop/rap artists around.

WuT’s Web Site
WuT on MySpace

Hawaiian word:
Manaʻo: think

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  1. Buddy 'Friendly' Wachenheimer says

    I love cliffhangers…

  2. wow…what a refreshing,ambitious,articulate young man…following his heart and passion and forfeiting a successful career as an accountant…heres hoping he remains as humble as he appears once he hits the big time on the mainland…good luck my man

  3. “I have compassion for everything, but I’m just not attached to anything.” …wow, one of the most profound statements I’ve heard in a long time. Cool show – Mahalo Rox! :-)

  4. Good show. Very intelligent. Looking forward to the music on the next show. :)

  5. Jonnie, I was just about to quote him, but I see you did as well! Yes, it is quite a profound statement, and I thank him for saying it. Such a philosophy of not taking oneself too seriously goes a long way… as I often need to be reminded! Hah!

    I have a good feeling about Wut. As long as he remembers the genius is not his identity, but something he’s been given, he is in no danger of losing his humility.

    We exist to share.

  6. The other quote I enjoyed was,
    “sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do to get to where you want to be…”

    I can appreciate that … for most of us, we don’t really know what we want to be until we are! So, we go through a lot of stuff we don’t want to do on a path that we have no clue about where it will end …

    For those few, like WuT, who knows where he is going, and which path to take at every fork, I wish him God’s speed, a bright sky, and the wind always at his back…

    Until that time … Earl J.

  7. You Wonderful Spirits have definitely put smiles in my Heart!