Beach Walk 616 – Be Here Now for Business

I find it just as easy and tempting to stay stuck in the past with business relationships as I do in personal ones.

But I was feeling satisfied with an email I wrote to a client this morning, and thought I would bring that even more into awareness, by talking about it here. On a side note, you can see from Shane’s beautiful pan at the end – the silvery volcanic ash-vog to the south and the clear beauty towards the north. What a switch from yesterday!

As I was working on these show notes, this post on social media etiquette came to my Inbox. Thanks Toby perfect timing!

Hawaiian word:
Mahalo: respect; thank you; gratitude

Be in Touch!


  1. Perfect timing for me, Roxy! I, too, work w/frequent changes for a long-time client. In my case, however, it’s less a matter of defending the organization as it is being sure that I keep open to fresh perspectives…instead of “Well, we’ve always done it that way.” And when I do, my personal growth is enhanced tremendously.

  2. @Luci – “being open to fresh perspectives” was definitely on my mind – thank you for phrasing it so well.

  3. Katherine says

    ok, love your bathing suit top and matching board shorts. Maybe you can email me where you got them….
    so much for listening to your message.., as I’m focused on that wonderful sky and bank of low clouds and looking at what you are wearing.
    what does that say about me I wonder . 🙂
    It says about your show that you can appeal to others on all sorts of levels that you probably never intended to.
    PS: and I did see show number 612 ;p

  4. @Katherine – I got the stuff at ‘oiwi – right across from Kalapawai next to Bob’s Pizza. 🙂

    Girls will be girls, I’m just sayin’…