Beach Walk 615 – Surfing: I think therefore I can

Rainy again today so it was a late run to the beach, as the tide was high and there was a big swell in town!

Lots of people out surfing at Flat Island in the distance (wish I were there!) and it was a great segue for a blog post I read this morning from my friend Richard Noll, I am and therefore I can. I mis-remembered the quote in the episode, but hey! That is what show notes are for. :-) And actually, I like both iterations of the thought – I find them both liberating and supportive of trying new things, getting out of the box.

Hawaiian word:
Nalu: surf

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  1. Susan and my dog Lexie says

    When I saw today’s title and before viewing the video, I was thinking I’d write here — “Better take notes, Bob from Canada, this one’s for you.” Then lo and behold Rox is saying all but the same words at the end!! No pressures, Bob, but it would make a great Beachwalks episode seeing you learn to surf next February! Great, happy energy today — the waves are addicting. Aloha to all — surf’s up!!

  2. but,but,but…ok,I’ll do it and you are right…one of the thoughts synonymous with Hawaii is surfing so if I want to be a transplanted Hawaiian I’ll need to do it…I’m also on page 33 of Minchener’s Hawaii…only 1100 more to go

  3. and Susan I think you best come down and do it as well…we’ll show em

  4. Ok guys. I’ll be on BI 1st week of May. I am 58 years old and I WILL SURF!! This on is big on my “Before I Die List”. If it’s not too embarrassing I will put up some photos or a video. What the heck, we’re family rite?
    Also, Lex looks like she’s about ready for Pipe, don’t ya think?

  5. ok Glynda…you go girl…good for you…and oh ya I want to see those videos

  6. Yayyy! This is good news for me. I will remind you also on the Big Island of the jump at South Point Beach Walks Does Fear Factor…in case you have anything left in your adrenals after taking up surfing. But really, it is not that hard – it is just a mental thing.

    I want to surf more – but I don’t know how to leave the house with Lexi’s mean stare, “You are NOT taking me???”

  7. Katherine says

    I had to smile during this episode…
    1. because I told everyone back home in NC that I was going to learn how to surf (at my age!), and I still plan to when the water is a little warmer… lying down surfing….not stand up surfing..hope that still counts.

    2. Lexi made me smile cause that’s the kind of weather it was one day when we took her to the beach and the waves were big and she wanted her little Lanikai waves that are more comfortable..not that I blame her for that. I admire her last leap out into the water to get her toy.

  8. Katherine says

    Gosh…just now went to BW does Fear Factor and now I have a new thing to do on my list. I have to go to that south point and jump. I’m scared to death of heights and what a great way to see if I can over come it for a few seconds. Not sure when we’ll get to the BI, but we most certainly will make it sometime next year. Or even this summer.
    So glad you made that reference to that show!

  9. @Katherine – Lexi was really pounding it in those big waves – but definitely, she is not always in the mood. Kaile and Eric were with us, so we do think she has a touch of the “show off gene” in her…

    Have fun at South Point!